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  1. Tinkerbell you need to work with his ex as if two of you are complaining about him then I do not think its that difficult to get his visa revoked. You say he is from Izmir but from a poor village so I am guessing he is a good few kilometers from Izmir. We had one in Cesme who said he was from Manisa which is outside Izmir but fairly affluent as loads of big companies there - turned out he was 80 kilometres from there and from a very poor background.
  2. Very mixed reports on the government hospital in Cesme. I have had two personal experiences and both were appalling and then when someone I knew had a bad asma attack they pack you off to Izmir as cannot cope or perhaps cannot be bothered??? That person ended up in Dokuz Eylul as it is the nearest to Cesme and regretably died. The insensitivity of the nursing staff was unbelievable. These all happened at night so perhaps they have better Doctors and Nurses working in the day. Urla has a far better reputation and I know of quite a few people who have gone there for treatment but non emergency. If its an asma attack I cannot recommend Tepeci in Izmir highly enough and I would assume their heart attack department is good for emergencies as that is always a risk with a bad asma attack. Kent International has a really good reputation but the other side of Izmir and private so you have to have insurance. I think it would be a good idea if we all added hospitals we have had a good experience of and for what. Izmir is the third largest city so I reckon you can get good treatment for everything and at a government hospital so the cost is incredibly cheap.
  3. There seems to be areas where it is more accepted than others. Friendly Corner in Cesme was the meeting place when Fatma owned it as her son Cem was married to Bulent Ersoy (the one that looks like Pete Burns) Years ago Bodrum was famous for its free and easy lifestyle. E Viva bar was teaming with all sorts of people and very interesting too I have to say. When Zeki Muren died Bodrum grinded to a halt and they named a street after him plus did a museum and he was a dead ringer for Danny La Rue. Quite a few well heeled gay Turks owned places in Bodrum as was much freer than Istanbul and escaped there as often as they could. Rich and famous seem to have no problems and the poorer ones I know if they are lucky get to be a singer in a bar or do a bit of belly dancing.
  4. Two months ago changed a phone from my name to a Turks and did it in Cesme which previously as Meral says, had to be done in Ilica. When I got this phone put on for a friend 5 years ago I had to go to Ilica so I thought finally they were getting there. I know someone with Turkish nationality that has an unpaid phone bill and never has any problems with entering when they come twice a year so I am guessing that if you are under a certain amount the debtor cannot lodge with customs.
  5. I went to the telephone company today and have been informed that to close my account I have to go to Urla. I told them that under no circustances would I do this as I opened the account in Cesme. They then told me that my bill would accrue monthly until they cut me off for non payment and then would put me to court. I then said, with the way I speak Turkish, its not actually that difficult to hazzard a guess that maybe I am foreign so what would I care about this. At no point did the jobsworthies ask my number so very tempted to call the talking clock in Guatamala tonight. This has just lost TurkTelecom about 50 lira but if the customer is prepared to pay but they have to jump through a loop for it then they deserve to loose. If I was staying here and had a job I would have no option but to take a day off work to comply.
  6. The clothes shop next to Dia (sorry do not know its name) is excellent value. From the outside it does not look worth the effort of entering but they seem to have some really good quality stuff really cheap. You need to rummage but I got top quality t shirts at 3.5 and great black jeans at 10.
  7. Article in the Guardian today warning people about themhttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/columnists/8050128/Travel-advice-car-hire-tough-luggage-sailing-in-the-Canaries.html
  8. A friend booked with suncar.co.uk and when he arrived at Izmir the car hire company was there but he had to pay again as they had not been paid by Suncar. The car company was Medusa from Kusadasi and the poor man has 12000 pounds in outstanding bills. If you google suncar there are loads of people who have paid and not got their money back plus loads of car hire companies who were supplying cars until they realised payment was not happening. This is not confined to Turkey as they offer car hire nearly everywhere. The only cost was the website so with practically a 100% profit margin I find it hard to believe they have a cash problem. The CC statement says Suncar Riga and another company name is involved which is Decode. They have a selection of addresses and contact seems difficult so definately to be avoided until everyone gets their money back.
  9. Just to say I have been using Ken and Bushmans system for 2 years and am really happy with the system as most of us are in the Cesme region.
  10. Before, if you wanted a post box you just went to your local Muhtar and got a 'İkamet' card detailng where you live and hey presto, show it to the post office and you get a box. Now you have to have residency according to CESME and you apply to the Nufus manager. Residency is between 500 to 600 ytl and the post box is 3 lira a year!!! What İ want to know is this across Turkey or has Cesme just made it up? You pre pay your 3 Lira so having to have residency seems a bit over kill even for Turkey
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