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  1. That's a good news! Thank you very much.
  2. Thank you so much for your answer. Unfortunetly I've tried from 2 different computers and my smartphone, in private session or not and it's still giving me this error message... I will go to the DGMM then. Thanks again
  3. Hi everyone, I put my request here because the post is recent. I hope that it's on the right place. My resident permit is ending on 20th of May ths year. I should extend it by taking an appointment to GÖÇ but the website is not leting me to do this: on the first page after I filled my infos a pop-up message is coming that the request is "already processed" which is not true because I didn't start the process yet. So, should I go to GÖÇ in person and ask there to get an appointment? In the mean time, I'm planing to move from Turkey in summer. So if I go to France at the end of my resident permit, when I come back few days later may I enter the territory within the 3 months non-visa, as a regular tourist? Thanks for your answers
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