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  1. Maybe I change my home/address then it ll be difference between which I wrote in my application & info in the residence permit application website. Do you think it will be problem when I will go for interview for renew my residence?
  2. Grahamn Thank you soooo much for your information , yes my appointment is exactly 70 days later 11morning in besiktas area . I really can't realize why they gave me appointment as person & this far like 70days.(Also one person told me it's better first you post +then later you go there in appointed date too) sounds strange! as i am really confused But i think you are right
  3. Yes I am in Istanbul, i live here for a year & my card will expire 12 February & now its time to renew, I filled everything yesterday in residence permit application website as same as last year but i heard people same my case send their all documents by post PTT when they fill their info in residence permit website (acceptable time to send only in 5 days after application requests from website & print it) but for me after I put all my info system gave me appointment date/time in April 20 2017 . It just made me worry if I don't post and go there by April/20 & if they reject my case!
  4. I have residence permit (short time) anybody knows if i cancel my application from the residence permit application website what will happen? (Because i need edit my info) And anybody know if I should go as person to immigration office or I should post my documents ( because system gave me time & date in April 2017 to going there with my application & documents) but i heard people just extend/renew it by sending their documents with PTT post after they fill their application from online My permit expire date is 12 February But it is written by mistake as 20 February in my application (and system is lock & no way to edit)
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