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  1. I just have another question ' maybe I change my home/address then it ll be difference between which i wrote in my application & info in ikamet goç website. Do you think it will be problem when i ll go for interview for renew my residence ? (two different address)
  2. Grahamn Thank you soooo much for your information , yes my appointment is exactly 70 days later 11morning in besiktas area . I really can't realize why they gave me appointment as person & this far like 70days.(Also one person told me it's better first you post +then later you go there in appointed date too) sounds strange! as i am really confused But i think you are right
  3. Hello dear grahamn yes i am in Istanbul, i live here for a year&my card ll expire 12february & now its time to renew , i filled everything yesterday in ikamet website as same as last year but i heard people same my case send their all documents by post ptt when they fill their info in goç/ikamet website (acceptable time to send only in 5 days after application requests from website&print it) but for me after i put all my info system gave me appointment date/time in April 20 2017 . It just made me worry if I don't post and go there by April/20 &if they reject my case!
  4. 1: Hi i have residence permit (short time) anybody knows if i cancel my application from ikamet website what will happen? (Because i need edit my info) 2:And anybody know if I should go as person to immigration office or I should post my documents ( because system gave me time&date in April 2017 to going there with my application & documents) but i heard people just extend/renew it by sending their documents with ptt post after they fill their application from online 3: My permit expire date is 12 February But it is written by mistake as 20february in my application (and system is lock & no way to edit) please if you guys know something about these 3questions let me know regards
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