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  1. yes, that helps a lot, thanks! so if I understand correctly.... the zorunlu is compulsory (and covers damages/medical for the other driver if an accident is my fault), and the kasko isn't compulsory, and may or may not be worth it on a beater car that's being driven minimally in an area where there'd be no roadside assistance anyway. : )
  2. Trying to find out basic insurance requirements for Turkey. I've bought a place out in the mountains near Bayramiç and at some point down the line will need to buy a car. What are the insurance requirements for a yabancı-owned car? Not easily finding info in a web search. The new home is way out in the boondocks and just being used to drive once a week to the market 20 km away, so just looking for the minimum requirement. I'm American- will they look at my US insurance history at all for determining rates?
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