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  1. Thanks for that. What I really need to know are what are the ramifications if the builder does not apply for the habitation certificate. I will try and explain the situation a little.We bought an apartment on a small complex of six apartments. We have the Tapu in our name - the Tapu is Kat Irtifaki. It is dated 26/02/2010. Also on the Tapu is the date 27/06/2007 against the words Yonetim Plani - this, we assume, is when planning permission was granted. I read somewhere that a builder has 5 years in which to apply for the HC from the date of the planning permission granted.We have both electric
  2. Thanks - back out to Bodrum at the beginning of April and will do that.Jak xx
  3. Well I've checked the bills and it says that we are paying domestic rate - so I am wondering if there is actually an HC for our complex but the builder isn't telling us.
  4. I am hoping that somebody here can put me straight as I seem to be getting mixed messages. I bought an apartment on the Bodrum peninsula in April 2008. We still remain very pleased with and have spent many happy months there already. This year we were finally given our Tapu for the apartment - the Tapu Irtifaki that is. We know that we need the Tapu Mulkiyeti which will only be issued when the habitation certificate is issued. This is where my confusion arises. I have read that a complex (ours is a small one of six apartments) cannot obtain municipal services (ie water and electricity)
  5. I'd be happy to put a couple of pics of our place - how do I do this?
  6. Hi, there were definitely flamingos on Tuzla in October - not many I admit, but they were there. I also saw a couple of pelicans. There were loads of flamingos on the lake at Christmas/New Year 2008 which was a fantastic site. I have been told that they intend to drain some of the lake to build more houses in the area. Let's hope this is not true - surely there's no need for more half built/empty properties in the area.
  7. Sorry to hear that Angela, I hope everything is okay with you. I am a DE on Trip Advisor for Gumbet and although there are some spammers, quite a few do get weeded out. I enjoy my time on TA and always try to be helpful and truthful about Gumbet and the Bodrum peninsula.JAK xx
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