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  1. Thanks for the suggestion that I call 157 and ask if I can remain, and I will give them a call and ask if they have any information that would be of use. However, it seems unlikely that I will be able to stay, as I have a trip to the US booked for Feb. 15-March 2. I initially booked the trip thinking that, like last year, I would be able to obtain the permission to leave Turkey for 15 days while waiting for the new residence permit. Now that I have both had my application disappear/fail to be recorded, and I find out that I can't get the permit to leave the country for 15 days until after an interview (which seems unlikely to take place before Feb. 15), I think my only recourse is to hop a border and come back with a tourist visa, allowing me to enter and exit the country without a hassle. Of course, the snowstorm happening now is making even that look complicated - I hope there will be blue skies by Monday, when I'm planning on making my escape! Also, for what its worth, I was told at the immigration office in Kadikoy that everyone trying to extend their residence permit needs to go for an interview. This, of course, might not be true, as you usually hear something different from everyone you talk to in the system.
  2. Ken, you said that one cannot get the piece of paper giving you permission to leave the country for 15 days until after attending the appointment. Is that based on current information? Graham, is that something that you have heard too? I'm just asking because last year I recall that you could download a pdf after completing the online process stating that this person has applied for a residence permit renewal and has permission to leave for 15 days. I guess it has changed, but given that the 'system' (for lack of a better word) changes so often, I just wondered if anyone has an up to date confirmation that one must wait until after the interview (if one ever happens) to get permission to leave.
  3. Thanks for your reply, Graham. It is true that December 31 is a late date to start the residence permit renewal process, but unfortunately, I don't have much of a choice. I get my health insurance through my partner's work, and her office provides coverage for a year beginning on January 1. I need to mail the letter from the insurer, a letter which usually only arrives around January 3 or 4th, within 5 days of filling out the online application, meaning that I have to wait until the last minute to start the process every year. This year it didn't work out!
  4. Thank you so much for your reply! Very helpful. Yes, I went to the immigration office in Kadikoy, and they confirmed what I had found online: the system had no record of my application for renewal. So, I will cross a border soon and hope for the best. A few more questions for this thread: I will probably take an Ulusoy night bus to Thessaloniki rather than fly abroad, as last minute flight tickets are looking expensive. Can I pay my fine for overstaying a residence permit at the border as a passenger on a bus exiting the country? Do I need to have US dollars or Euro to pay the fee, or can I just bring Turkish lira? And I will have overstayed by 9-10 days when I leave. Does anyone know what the maximum fine might be?
  5. I have been experiencing residence permit renewal woes, and wondering if anyone can help. My last residence permit expired on January 1, and I tried to start the renewal process online on December 31. The system gave me an application number and seemed to register my application, but it never reached a screen at which the system told me how much money to pay or gave me a form to print. I thought that with the new online system maybe it would take a few days and that the immigration office would email or text me. I just checked again and found that the system has no record of my application, and when I went to the Kadıköy immigration office they told me to start the process again online. Now I see that I cannot use the Renewal process, as the system is telling me to start again as if applying for an residence permit for the first time. My questions are: 1. If I start the process online today, will that "freeze" the number of days that I have overstayed my residence permit? I am planning on showing them a copy of the email that shows I tried to apply for renewal on Dec. 31, the day before my residence permit expired, but of course there's no guarantee they will be receptive. I'm wondering if I should just leave the country now and then come back with a tourist visa and then apply for a residence permit as a first timer, or if I can stay here and continue the process. I would hate to get an interview two months from now and find out that they consider me to have overstayed my old residence permit by a full two months! 2. Once a residence permit application is filed online, how many days can one leave the country? Last year one could spend up to 15 days out of Turkey while waiting for a new residence permit. Is that still true? And can one leave before the interview for those 15 (or however many) days, or can one only leave after the interview, while waiting for the residence permit to arrive? 3. Finally, I have read online that if you overstay a residence permit by 10 days or more you can be banned from the country for a period of time. Is this still true?
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