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  1. Hello there, I need to get Police Certificate for the Embassy of Canada and on the website it says How to get a Police Certificate: If you are a citizen of Turkey: If you live in Turkey: You should apply at the General Prosecutor’s Office (branches located in each city). Do you have any idea where I should exactly go in Konyaalti, Would be appreciated if anyone can share the location and for what I need what I should say in Turkish?
  2. Hey Does anyone know what the best English school to get ready for Ielts is? It's much better if it's in Konyaalti.
  3. Hey TC, I applied for short RP for my parents but the soonest appointment I can get is Jan 13th which is like 3-5 days after their 90 days tourist visa finish. I was told if you they got an appointment date then visa expiration is not important and that wont be a problem. Is that True ?
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