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  1. Hello there, I need to get Police Certificate for the Embassy of Canada and on the website it says How to get a Police Certificate: If you are a citizen of Turkey: If you live in Turkey: You should apply at the General Prosecutor’s Office (branches located in each city). Do you have any idea where I should exactly go in Konyaalti, Would be appreciated if anyone can share the location and for what I need what I should say in Turkish?
  2. Hey Does anyone know what the best English school to get ready for Ielts is? It's much better if it's in Konyaalti.
  3. Thank you Redders, Lets say the interview wasnt successful, how much time they get to leave the country ?
  4. Hey TC, I applied for short RP for my parents but the soonest appointment I can get is Jan 13th which is like 3-5 days after their 90 days tourist visa finish. I was told if you they got an appointment date then visa expiration is not important and that wont be a problem. Is that True ?
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