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  1. Hello I am an Architect from Pakistan. I want to join a short term course to learn wood work( furniture making) in Turkey which lasts max of 3 months time. I cant find any academies in turkey which provide short courses in Interior Design, Furniture Making or any technical education, as in other countries. Other than this i will be visiting Turkey for the first time in 2017. I want to spent the whole month for which my visa would be applicable. Hotel stay is not affordable for 30 days so i searched the internet for renting a flat or apartment. I found many sites and accommodation options as well but i am not sure whether they are safe or not? How do i find a safer option? Additionally i would like to ask that is it possible to find jobs on a visit visa? as i am aware that employment in Turkey is quite difficult as they prefer Turkish skilled citizens first, but i want to try because there are almost no job opportunities on internet for International candidates. Are there any organizations or firms/agents in Turkey who could search for job or provide any arrangements in helping getting a job? Thankyou Looking forward
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