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  1. Ceren

    Surname after divorce

    You are welcome, You do not need to go to the courthouse where you got married, you can go to the one in the city where he is living now. Pricing is every lawyers own business so icant help you about it. Price depends on lots of factor like labor, overtime working, difficulty of the file etc.
  2. Ceren

    Surname after divorce

    i dont reccommend to give a poa to the opponents lawyer friend. You need to settle with him on all sentencess so please consider to find a reliable divorce lawyer for yourself. (Or get the translation of the protocol before going to courthouse) If he changes his mind during the divorcing action, it turns into "contentious divorce" which means both sides have to give enough evidence about ecah others defective behavior, invite witnesses etc. So To prevent the loss of rights i recommend you to have a lawyer. (You can do it all without a lawyer but it helps.)
  3. Ceren

    Surname after divorce

    Hey, "He is having the divorce papers sent to me in UK to sign." Signing them is not enough; if you both want to divorce - you need to come here or have a lawyer from Turkiye. Divorce agreement should sign infront of the judge. Surname can be added to agreement as well; if he does not want you to use his name; you have to divorce "contentiously"
  4. Ceren

    Surname after divorce

    Using your ex-husband's surname is related to 2 conditions: 1.) there must be a benefit for woman about using that name, 2.) the usage should be non-harmful to him. You dont need his permission but he can apply if that 2 statements change in the future. Check that explanation from the supreme court: "It is understood from the evidence collected that the parties have been married for 26 years and that the plaintiff has graduated from various universities during this period and that she uses her marriage last name in diplomas, master's thesis, participation certificates, certificates, banking transactions and pension transactions. The evidence proves that the plaintiff's use of the surname of the defendant would not harm the defendant, and that the plaintiff's surname had the benefit of the defendant's surname "
  5. Ceren

    Married and divorced in turkey

    Hey, Here in Turkiye, you have to wait 300 days between the divorce and the orher marriage; which is to be sure that youre not pregnant. if you are in that 300 days period; you can apply to family court (and they will send you to the hospital) then if youre not pregnant you can get marry again. First of all, you need to know the finalization date of your Turkish divorce decree. No idea about not registering them in UK. Feel free to ask more if i made it complicated. Good luck.
  6. Ceren

    Name Change

    Hey, No need to wait till 187 changes. - supreme court decided "women need no valid reason to use their own surname in marriage without husband's surname" in 2015. So you can change your name with just entering an action. Women are also allowed to change the childrens surname ( if they are living w mom) with their own surname after divorcing.
  7. Ceren

    Religious married

    Hi, it was forbidden untill 2015. i mean getting religiously married before the real marriage was forbidden. Now you can live with him without any ceramony called marriage or with just "religious marriage" Both means not to be married and no records about that type of marriages in governments official records. That means "religious marriage" gives no protection to you; he can still get marry with someone else; no hairdom; nothing to force to get marry officially. Religious marriage is something just about the morale. So i prefer you to wait till your documents arrival.
  8. Ceren

    Turkish divorce 300 days

    Dear Annie 10, You need to start a new action like divorce case which the judge sends you to a hospital for pregnancy tests. All takes 1 month or less. Hope this helps.
  9. "Judiciary of Turkey" official website, facebook and twitter published in 26th December 2016 http://www.judiciaryofturkey.gov.tr https://www.facebook.com/JudiciaryTurkey https://twitter.com/JudiciaryTurkey