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  1. Hi Jeroen. I too have a house in Datca and several of my friends have. The ones who imported things into Turkey found it a hassle, although I do have one friend who brought quite a lot of things in by car and they seemed happy about it. I can put you in touch with them if you like they live in Resadiye near Datca. I bought almost everything in Datca as it was easier and I felt it was important to support the local economy. We also used a great local carpenter to make things for us. I think I have also just found a man who makes wonderful rustic furniture from old wood. There are certainly more household shops now than there were 3 years ago when I did it, so you will have a reasonable choice and of course Marmaris has a lot of shops. Good luck with your project.
  2. jane


    Well what on earth are boondocks Ben? I have been to Bodrum a few times but have always stayed at a fairly expensive sailing club a little way out. This time I just want 3 cheapish nights in a central hotel as we will be wanting to catch the 9am ferry to Datca. Yes Datca is very different to Bodrum - we always joke that Marmaris and Bodrum are on speed and Datca is on tranquilizers. You should take a trip there one day. I can only take Bodrum in small doses but even so will enjoy my 3 days there for a change and a bit of retail therapy maybe. Datca has some of the most beautiful scenery that I have seen anywhere in the world, it is very breathtaking and even after 15 years I'm still not bored by it.
  3. jane


    Thanks I'll take a look shortly. I was just surprised that hotels in Bodrum seemed so much more than Datca and I was told that was an expensive place. All the places I've found so far price in euros and so that makes it expensive when coming from UK. I'll look through the Turkey Central site to see if there are any priced in lira.
  4. jane


    Please can anyone recommend a good central Bodrum hotel. I may start my September visit with 3 nights in Bodrum and then meet up with my sister and mosey on down to Datca to hook up with the rest of my family. I was amazed though at the B&B prices for fairly ordinary hotels -
  5. Yes Mummybear it happened to us 3 years ago. The day our military permission came through they put a halt on foreigners buying. When the new law was eventually passed many months later we were told our military permission had expired!!! Anyway it was reapplied for and the friend who was helping us bought the officials a present!! I have never found out what that present was LOL. Anyway a month later we had our permission and our Tapu. So don't panic - easier said than done I know.
  6. LOL rollon09! I didn't want to be condescending and explain it!!!! It was a word I learnt while learning the language and for any one who wants to know - agglutinative means its a language where there is a root word and then you stick lots of extra bits on!!!
  7. Good luck and if you really want to do it you will. I have a terrible track history on learning foreign languages but I too felt that because I was buying a house in Turkey and also because I had Turkish friends who couldn't speak English I just had to do it. I must say I enjoy every moment of it and it's great to be able to speak just a little, the reception I get when I try is great. For me I had to have some formal lessons, I also need to see it written down as well as hearing it as I am a visual learner. Turkish is an agglutinative language and so it is absolutely essential to learn the grammar. You don't need to know the complicated terms to begin with and present continuous will take you a long way - ie. I am going, coming, walking etc. then present, past and future will see you a long way. Once learnt and you acquire some vocabulary it is actually relatively straight forward. LOL - well it would be if my memory was better than it is!! Anyway I had about 4 years of lessons and yes they did cost a fortune. I also have a ton of books and some CD's and CD ROMs. Now I just dip into them to keep me going. My most recent find has been a lovely Turkish friend who is also a teacher and she has made it her mission to make me speak Turkish and her help is invaluable. I find that after about 3 weeks of each visit I become much more confident so I would think that if you go to live there with a reasonable basic level you will find that you will come on a treat. Good luck.
  8. jane

    Packing My Bags

    Thanks Steve I will. The heat is OK. I was there 2 weeks ago and Datca usually has a breeze that conveniently blows around my house a bit, so no problem. I do all the rushing around during cooler months. This short break is just for chilling out.
  9. jane

    Greek Friends

    I went to Symi a couple of years ago (there is a little video of mine on youtube if any one is interested). It's only a stones throw from Datca but so different. I would go again and try to see more of the Island and may be even stay for a few nights but we went in June and it was so hot - over 40 and we were melting, just going from cafe to cafe!! It was about 10 degrees or more warmer than Datca. So the next trip will have to be in late September just before they take all the boats out of the water I think. With regards to contact between Greece and Turkey, I spent a week in a large school in Ankara and they had various projects to link up with pupils in Greek schools. It was really interesting. The Greek visitors seem to mingle well in the Saturday market infact I can't really tell the difference between them and the Turks unless they start speaking. I think there is also a boat that comes from Rhodes for the same thing now.
  10. jane

    Greek Friends

    Another nice article - thanks. This happens in Datca too. Every Saturday a boat comes over from Symi, a really lovely Greek Island that I can see clearly from my house. They come for the Saturday market in droves. I believe the prices are very reasonable compared to Symi. Every Sept they have a Peace Day and all sorts of things go on including a swim where Greeks and Turks swim out and meet each other half way! They have boat trips where for that day the Turks don't need visas to visit the Island and they hold concerts in each place. I haven't yet managed to be there while any of this is going on - but maybe this year - Insallah.
  11. jane

    Packing My Bags

    Thanks dande. I forgot to check the rate while I was there although I thought I saw 1.9 on the board outside my local mini-market, so that is probably what I saw. It's sometimes worthwhile to loose a little and change it there rather than spend ages sitting in the bank. My little stash is actually my son's he was working as part of his Uni course in France and came back with his savings in euros so I bought some off him to help out and give him a better rate than the bank. I was impressed that he was able to save anything on the small wage of a language assistant. He doesn't take after his mother LOL. I shall have a wonderful time. I really enjoy holidaying with my family and it's great that my nearly grown up sons and their friends still want to come with us but the thought of just spending a week pleasing myself and my friends is heavenly.
  12. jane

    Packing My Bags

    Thanks jackieeuk - I'll try! It's such a treat because what with the high flight prices and having just had a holiday with my family, I didn't really think I'd be able to swing another so soon. Maybe someone could help me with an answer to my question - I have a small stash of Euros and rather than change them up in UK or take another trip to Europe I could just change them into lira over there. Does anyone know the exchange rate for Euros to Lira please?
  13. I'm feeling a little smug today. I managed to get a pass from 'him who must be obeyed' and am off for a little extra and unexpected holiday to Turkey in 2 weeks time with a friend. This is very much a girls week as I have heard that several other girl friends will be there at the same time. So we will be relaxing, reading, brushing up on our Turkish, laughing, gossiping, visiting the beauty salon, swimming and lots of other lovely things. I am aware that all this coming and going on planes is adding to my carbon footprint so next year we are going to try for one long 6 or 8 week holiday instead of all these shorter ones.
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