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  1. i do not know the exactly answer. But base on my experienced marry with turkish citizen : *what do we have to do when we go to Turkey to have our marriage legally registered there as well? answer : After marry in canada go to turkish embassy there for Report your marriage. This is a must, otherwise you will get block when make ikamet. And register it before 30 days after marry. İn my Country The want : Both of us national id, marriage book (include The copies), my birth certificate also we need to fill some form. it just take few hours. *so do I apply for that before getting our marriage recognized in Turkey, or after? answer : İkamet has some Option, as you marry with turk so family RP is The Option. if your marriage already register in Turkey System, For insurance is easier than you apply alone. And more cheaper if your husband has SGK. you also no need prepare $$$ x12 month For financial proof here as long as your husband work in here. *Would he need to register it as soon as he gets back? he can not register his abroad marry in here ( may be can but it is difficult, because they probably will say you need register in turkish embassy canada ). before he come, better he email or contact his embassy in canada for asking what kind of documents he need to bring. Because few years ago my husband bring some documents from here. And Second day in my Country we visited his embassy For Report he will marry . And they took that documents and gave us other documents that we used it For prepare our wedding in my Country. but System may be change also The regulation. Better ask directly to his embassy in canada. so sorry For my poor English. happy wedding Canpark
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