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  1. I am not employing anyone, my company is a individual company with only 1 director - that would be me in this case, i wont be employing anyone anytime soon, so assuming that employing 5 people is not applicable, there is a 100,000 TL that has to be put in a bank account? which to be honest does't make sense to me. I am a startup business not an investor.
  2. I tried to call them a number of times, there is no one that speaks english, which is what you pointed out, i also called 170 number as well, and got no-where. I can assure you there is a real concern here, or at least this unclarity is causing this confusion. But i must get to this info as soon as i can.
  3. My accountant told me that. I also just found this: http://www.voicesnewspaper.com/foreign-business-owners-work-permit-panic-and-confusion/ in addition to that, i also spoke to many different agencies and they say the same.
  4. I have setup a new personal (private) company here in turkey back in August to be told after that i need a working permit to operate that company even if it's my own and that work permit requires a 100,000 tl deposit so that I can get a working permit in addition to employing 5 Turkish people but that can be tolerated. As for the 100,000 tl it's a must otherwise I cannot operate my business. This is weird and as startup business I don't have that kind of money, now I am stuck and within a few months from now I have to take action or I will be forced to close the company. Now this new role disrupted all my plans and I don't think it invite any other startup to operate here, unless I am mistaken...
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