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  1. I do have a degree but not in anything which would be useful as an English teacher. I know that me going to her is the only way. I actually already looked into teaching English, are there any other options you can think of?
  2. Hello. My apologies if this is the wrong area to post this but this is a fairly broad question. The backstory of this as follows. I am a British male and I met a Turkish girl online through mutual interests about two years ago. We quickly discovered we have a strong connection and we've always felt like we were just made for each other. I've met her once briefly and I am going to meet her again early next year. At this point we've been doing long distance for a long time. It even got too hard at one point and reluctantly we took a break. My question is this. Is it possible for our relationship to work? We want to be together but immigration seems like it will make that almost impossible. She is starting to feel like just being long distance and travelling to see each other as often as possible just isn't enough. It makes life too difficult despite how much we care about each other. I can't blame her for that but I really don't want to give up on this unless there is no chance. Are there any options for us to be together that you can recommend? We would love to be able to live together but the only thing I can think of is to save money, get a tourist or resident permit and just live together in Turkey until my time runs out. Of course that's not ideal either because I'd then have to go home for god knows how long, get another job and save more money. This is the girl I can see myself starting a family with. Is there any path we can take to have a life together?
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