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  1. Thank you for your advise Baykus! One more question, Is it safe to travel to Mardin? I am wanting to Visit a friend but am unsure if it is safe to go?
  2. No Ken your advice was brilliant! I have chatted with friends who say the same. I am still talking to him as friends and we are going to meet up in June as friends. Never know something in the future could progress as I am wanting to spend as much time in Turkey as I can. Thank you for your advice!
  3. Thanks for the advice Ken! I know I don't want to become someone who is scammed like that. After a few days thinking I have decided I'm going to forget about him, I am going back to the same place in June so if he is there will be nice to catch up as friends only!
  4. Thank you! He has never asked for money or even spoken about money. He wants to take me out more when I go back over to meet his parents, Would they take loads of different girls to meet the parents?
  5. Hello! I am new to this and need some advice! I met a Turkish guy who was working In the hotel I was staying in. We hit it off and have kept in touch. (even though there is a bit of a language barrier!) He has told me he Loves me and wants to be with me but then one day from nowhere he told me he 'might' have a Turkish girlfriend! I told him we will just stay friends and nothing else... Then a few weeks later he messaged me to say they had split up because he wants to be with me and wants to Marry me! I have heard the stories about 'holiday romances' before and I don't know if I should believe him! Is he saying this to other girls he has met in the hotel? Help!
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