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  1. My plan is to be there by the end of June 2017, but I didn't book a ticket yet. I am sure I will buy a direct fly London - Antalya, and from there I get the service to Alanya. I exclude the option of connecting flight from Istanbul or anywhere. Thanks Gentlemen for the help.
  2. I gather that if I arrive in Antalya in good time and not too late, I take a taxi to the place "Altinkaya", and there it is possible to take the bus to Alanya. Right? If my arrival time is late at night, I think it is better to either arrange a pick-up service with the hotel, or I take a taxi myself from the airport.
  3. Thank you very much. It is an excellent help..
  4. I want to come to Alanya by the end of June 2017. I need your valuable opinion about the best way to get to Alanya. There are some few direct flights from London to Antalya, but I have slight idea about how to get from Antalya airport to Alanya, and the cost of that? Is there a reliable services and secure? Time-wise too, morning early and late time? Or, is it better I get a connecting flight from Istanbul to Gazipaşa airport? This would mean waiting some hours at the airport flyover. How do you guys move around in Turkey? I mean what is the best way?
  5. Congratulations FE, your flat looks great. Is Konak in Ezmir? All the best..
  6. Thank you Mr Bakalva very much for this post. I and my daughter really love cats, and we were amazed to see them everywhere in Istanbul and around the hotel in Antalya. I think this is something particular about Turkey that you would always remember, if you are fond of these beautiful creatures. I would only wish that street cats and dogs in Turkey could get some more food as I noticed that they are sort of thin and approaching people with complaints. I remember two cats sitting on the doorstep of a restaurant nearby our hotel and were really begging for some food/ attention. So great idea and generous that Mr Mehmet and his wife are doing for these gorgeous animals. Thanks to them
  7. Good they got this criminal now, but trust me this is not the end of terrorists and their inhuman (evil) nature and their atrocities. The ISIS and others like them (there are 100s) are going on as long as there are finance coming from real players in international arena. They are instruments in hands of some states. They are brain washed with religious ideology from Middle Ages which been picked up and nourished by the British colonialists in the Middle East. Only raising awareness of people can help us to get red of them.
  8. Just be careful of kids to touch this when it is hot.
  9. I am just looking at this sight. It is interesting. Thanks
  10. So inspiring, The wood burning stove looks good but the in-wall version looks majestic and gorgeous. It looks sooo expensive!! FenerEniste, Thank you for the information about the outdoors in-wall fireplace you post. The image is especially beautiful. You need a house for this dream !! Maybe I have to buy the lotto more often...
  11. It Looks good and warm, Thanks a lot
  12. Is good to hear that it gets also cold in where I am planning to find my new home. FenerEniste, I am encouraged by you to visit Izmir too. The picture above looks like colder than the weather in the UK. IbrahimAbi, I love the traditional fireplace and I really want to have it in my sitting room. It makes the environment so lovely cozy. IbrahimAbi, Can I ask you to send me the image of your wood burning stove that you bought from Antalya? If you like it so much, I may think also to find one. Cheers!!
  13. Hi Ken Nice to hear from you. Yea, I think it is the humidity that makes the cold weather unbearable. Just like the weather in Denmark. But the weather in Sweden is much better no mater how cold is because of less humidity. Fireplace would be great for you then. Do you have one? I would love to have traditional fireplace in my sitting room!!
  14. So good to hear that it gets cold in that region too. Cheers
  15. Hi Everybody I wish you all and myself Very Happy New Year 2017. Sorry for my late communication. I was not feeling well. Hi Cukurbaqli, is this picture of you in Antalya? Is it true that snow in Antalya?! I love cold weather. Sometimes I think I will miss the cold weather in Europe if I really move out to live somewhere in Mediterranean. I wish you all plenty of happiness, good health and lots of joy.
  16. I find Idea real estate.com properties are higher prices than even Spotblue or Right Move.
  17. I see, Now I know bit more about the numbers in Turkey, thanks. I must admit that you are really luck. Work for NATO, under US flag, and your mother in law is a real estate agent! No envy at all, of course. I am an academic doctor from Middle East background have lost many members of my family to the wars that intending to change the face of the ME region. NO more talk is better. Thanks for your assistance.
  18. I do not how to thank you for your kindness. I read your comment early today, but having very severe flu could not write to thank you Dear. I hope I make it up to thanks you one day when I finally buy my home in Turkey/Alanya, with your help.
  19. I agree with you 100%, but you have much luck than others!! Or may be because your wife is Turkish. It makes all the difference when so many local close to you people are looking to secure good deals for you. I wish I have one of my family living in Turkey. It would be much more easier to me, of course. Cheers
  20. I really appreciate your response to my question and the information you giving me is valuable, as I am getting hesitant every time I hear some negative scary news about robbing the proceeds of my entire life. By the way I put Izmir on my head now too, in addition to Alanya. I hope to find a nice flat somewhere suitable for my budget and small retirement income.
  21. Thanks for the comment, but I did not understand what you really mean by the above.
  22. Hi, I am really reading every word of you guys, thinking of myself. I am also in a stage of transmission from an active professional, full-time working in London - to early retirement somewhere quiet nearby the sea. I am going through this transmission phase with some inside conflict, comparing my present financial situation as full-time professional with very little private pension when I actually get out work. I simply can not imagine to continue working for more 8-10 years of my life until I reach official retirement age, commuting home-work-home everyday, non stop like MAD. Having in mined that we people get quieter and less active as we grow older, I am looking forward to enjoy my early retirement, get to know other places and enjoy the nature. It seems a dream at the moment, but I hope I could get it realized one day. About the Gemfamily topic, I guess you guys have to be more realistic. Firstly, on the aspect of your son's education, and secondly on the job and finance side. If you have a big bank account, I would say it is easier to move from a country like the UK to a country like Turkey, where everything is gone cost you money (SCHOOL & language courses. etc.). If You do not have a big bank account behind you, I would say it would be more realistic if you can secure a job to one of you, let say your husband with good salary first, and a good school for your son. I would also use the advice given to me by the wise people in this forum, Ken & Ibrahim (sorry I cannot remember all the names). The advice was RENT BEFORE BUY. I will do this and not hurry to buy before I know the place, at lease to have an idea about it. All the best
  23. Thanks for the advice. I am also thinking that the property price in Turkey will be at end affected by the overall situation. Until now the price was only going upward, amazingly and against all expectations. I really hope to find somewhere affordable for me, also because I am going for early retirement with very little private pension. Your advice, Ken's, and Ibrahim's, to rent first, seems the one I am going to follow. My daughter also says the same. She knows how emotional I am with a place nearby the sea. She tries hard to slow me for more wise decision. I will try to be more wise and less emotional.
  24. Hi It is really sad and strange story. How could you trust these people so much and hand up your wealth to them. Unfortunately, one should be careful when it concerns trusting others. I am thinking to buy in Turkey, but for what I am hearing of sad stories happening there, where are so many cons, I am now hesitating much before I am taking the second step. With all my cautions, I am sure I will be victim of cheating in Turkey!! Unfortunately, some Turkish people might be nice but you have to be careful with them in general. I can understand you that betrayal is now become norms nearly everywhere.
  25. Hi Edreamer Hi Ken Why do not invite her to come to the UK? I know, it is made up very difficult now. I mean this also involve the income & certain accommodation. I wish you all the best.
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