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  1. Thanks Ken I am also pleased to be able to come back to the forum. Thank you Bibatulips & Star for your assistance. I understood that i have to get a tax number first, right?! Is getting the Tax No. complicated thing? Do I have to own a property or business to get the tax No.? Appreciation
  2. Hi Everybody I am back to the forum after long term illness. I have plenty of questions to ask, but let me start with the one that concerning money. As a foreigner, Is it possible to open Dollar or British pound account in banks in Turkey? What is the requirements? Thanks for anybody how can help.
  3. My plan is to be there by the end of June 2017, but I didn't book a ticket yet. I am sure I will buy a direct fly London - Antalya, and from there I get the service to Alanya. I exclude the option of connecting flight from Istanbul or anywhere. Thanks Gentlemen for the help.
  4. I gather that if I arrive in Antalya in good time and not too late, I take a taxi to the place "Altinkaya", and there it is possible to take the bus to Alanya. Right? If my arrival time is late at night, I think it is better to either arrange a pick-up service with the hotel, or I take a taxi myself from the airport.
  5. Thank you very much. It is an excellent help..
  6. I want to come to Alanya by the end of June 2017. I need your valuable opinion about the best way to get to Alanya. There are some few direct flights from London to Antalya, but I have slight idea about how to get from Antalya airport to Alanya, and the cost of that? Is there a reliable services and secure? Time-wise too, morning early and late time? Or, is it better I get a connecting flight from Istanbul to Gazipaşa airport? This would mean waiting some hours at the airport flyover. How do you guys move around in Turkey? I mean what is the best way?
  7. Congratulations FE, your flat looks great. Is Konak in Ezmir? All the best..
  8. Thank you Mr Bakalva very much for this post. I and my daughter really love cats, and we were amazed to see them everywhere in Istanbul and around the hotel in Antalya. I think this is something particular about Turkey that you would always remember, if you are fond of these beautiful creatures. I would only wish that street cats and dogs in Turkey could get some more food as I noticed that they are sort of thin and approaching people with complaints. I remember two cats sitting on the doorstep of a restaurant nearby our hotel and were really begging for some food/ attention.
  9. Good they got this criminal now, but trust me this is not the end of terrorists and their inhuman (evil) nature and their atrocities. The ISIS and others like them (there are 100s) are going on as long as there are finance coming from real players in international arena. They are instruments in hands of some states. They are brain washed with religious ideology from Middle Ages which been picked up and nourished by the British colonialists in the Middle East. Only raising awareness of people can help us to get red of them.
  10. Just be careful of kids to touch this when it is hot.
  11. I am just looking at this sight. It is interesting. Thanks
  12. So inspiring, The wood burning stove looks good but the in-wall version looks majestic and gorgeous. It looks sooo expensive!! FenerEniste, Thank you for the information about the outdoors in-wall fireplace you post. The image is especially beautiful. You need a house for this dream !! Maybe I have to buy the lotto more often...
  13. It Looks good and warm, Thanks a lot
  14. Is good to hear that it gets also cold in where I am planning to find my new home. FenerEniste, I am encouraged by you to visit Izmir too. The picture above looks like colder than the weather in the UK. IbrahimAbi, I love the traditional fireplace and I really want to have it in my sitting room. It makes the environment so lovely cozy. IbrahimAbi, Can I ask you to send me the image of your wood burning stove that you bought from Antalya? If you like it so much, I may think also to find one. Cheers!!
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