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  1. Redders, thanks for the info. To be honest I think that is what I may have to do as that was my thoughts also regarding activating the visa. What has confused me is, I went to see the port police who said I had 3 days left and I could just turn up at dalaman airport overstaying by one month and I would just have to pay a fine of 208tl each which seems a little too good to be true. We actually asked them should we go over to Rhodes for a day, but they said no. I am beginning to think they may have misunderstood our query as they may not have recognised the fact that we stayed out of turkey for
  2. Just to clarify my previous query. If for example I go back to uk on 20 November, the 180 count back from that day takes me back to 25 May. In that time because I went back to the uk for a full consecutive 90 days I have only been in turkey 90 days, as the days I was here previous to that fall off the 180 day count back. The problem I have is my e visa runs out on 11 October, people I have spoken to say you can't buy a new e visa online whilst in turkey. Can anyone help me on this as I find this strange. No matter what day I depart on from now to the end of November the count back system says
  3. Hi everyone, first post on here. I have tried to find an answer to my query but as yet to no avail. We came out on an e visa dated 15 April which expires on 11 October. We came out on 15 April and stayed 56 days, we went home 8 June and stayed out for 90 days. We came back on 8 September, planning to stay 90 days and intended to apply for a new e visa online on 12 October. We thought that if we left around 30 November that the 180 count back would still have us only using 90 days in that period. We have been told we can't get an e visa whilst in turkey. We then went to the port to ask advice,
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