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  1. I agree Silkroute .. honestly and as I like Turkey so much, I dont wish for the TL to depreciate more, even if I will benefit from that through cheaper property prices. I also wish the security situation will improve. I will go to Alanya in summer, rent a good apartment and If I like it there I will either buy it or buy similar. Regards
  2. I already noticed that prices in Alanya went down in $.
  3. Then we have to wait and see until prices reach the bottom. waiting game .
  4. Hi Ken, you sent me a website address www.spotblue.com which I checked their listed items. You didn't give me a contact person to talk with in person. Regards
  5. Many thanks .. you saved me lots of search. Are there better places (neighborhoods) in Alanya, for example more classy, not so crowded, buildings are not stuck to each other, close to the beach, close to markets and shops, or more or less all the same in Alanya? Regards
  6. Thanks Ken, Silkroute and Tolga for the interesting replies. Based on your feedback and the information I collected, I will exclude Azmir and Antalia . Bodrum I have been before and I think the town itself is small. Fethiye i saw many videos about it all the same .. seems some nice beaches and very small downtown. My final comparison was between Mermeris and Alanya, and if I exclude forests, Alanya seems to match me the most. So, I will be focusing my search in Alanya. I talked to one broker and I asked if there are apartments in compounds with private beach and he said no, all beaches
  7. Turkey is a beautiful country with many beautiful cities to choose from. While this seems positive but as we studied is sales and marketing we understood that companies with so wide range of products, especially if not very differentiated, can confuse the consumer and stop or delay the purchasing decision. This is exactly what happened with me when i wanted to buy a property in Turkey !! Too many nice beautiful cities to choose from !! very confusing !! I am just so scared to choose one place then later on I find a better one. Of course there is no guarantee, and any person can find bette
  8. Thanks Ibrahim and Ken, I was mainly commenting on Gemfamily post, but as long as you are kind enough to give me such wonderful information i will seize this opportunity to tell you more about what I want or dream to have in Turkey. First, to introduce myself, my name is Ayman, 46, from Egypt and working now in Saudi in Finance. I am looking for an apartment or small villa for long holidays and maybe for retirement. I am generally interested in: Nature, forests, trees, flowers, lakes and animals. I love dogs and I have Kangal Turkish dogs in Egypt. I love the sea and swimming an
  9. Hello Gemfamily, have you decided something yet? very interesting discussions here.. I want also to buy an apartment or small villa in Turkey for long visits for relaxation and enjoyment, not for permanent stay. I share the same opinion with Fil, i think it is difficult for foreigners to find jobs in Turkey and also i agree about the education of your kid will be challenging. Anyway please share with us any conclusions you reach. Antalya seems like a very interesting city, but is it too crowded and noisy? is there another beautiful city which is not dead in winter and has the same facilities,
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