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  1. Update 6/12/16 The private detective has come back to me with an update on both Andrews and Carney. Andrews is living in Northern Scotland in Aberdeen. Carney is based in Southern Spain on the Costa Del Sol. I've contacted the Spanish police and they said I cannot file a "Denuncia" by phone as the charges are too serious. it's only meant for lesser crimes. I've an appointment with a Spanish Detectives in Marbella in early January. I'll update then.
  2. Hi again, I was given a good lead by an ex-colleague of Nigel's shortly after I posted the last post (Ive posted in other forums as well) The alleged Irish guy is a guy by the name of Darren Carney. http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/mri-sg-aspen-valley-refund-group-c382949.html Nigel and Darren apparently worked together for MRI in Bulgaria about 8-10 years ago. I've an international private detective on it now at the moment. Can anyone assist me further? Kjartan.
  3. Hi all, My brother was scammed by Nigel Andrews and Cohorts back in 2009 on the Royal Resorts development. He passed away in June this year. He asked me to follow this up for him. Has anyone heard anything about Nigel? I see from a website he was required to submit evidence to a court in Marbella in 2013. His wife Mags failed to show up. Apparently Nigel is wanted by Interpol but Interpol dont have him on their wanted list. There was also an Irishman working for Nigel in Turkey. Does anyone know this guys name? My brother met him when he came to Turkey. Maybe this Irishman can lead us to Nigel. I determined to find out who this guy is. Kjartan.
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