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  1. Perhaps my situation is different then. I was informed prior to coming to Istanbul that a tourist visa would be sufficient for my internship. All the paperwork I signed for my work placement specifically stated I wouldn't be paid so I assumed that would be enough evidence should any issues arise with the local police. Maybe my case is a one off though. I don't know the laws of Turkey very well, this is all from personal experience.
  2. As far as I was told as long as you aren't being paid a salary then you aren't officially considered 'employed', in which case a work visa isn't necessary. I had no problems making it through immigration with just the tourist visa so you should be ok with one as well.
  3. Sorry for the late response. I've decided to go ahead and opt for the tourist visa then. Thank your for all of your advice and help, it really put my mind at ease. I'll be sure to keep the post updated on the whole situation once I arrive in Turkey.
  4. Don't worry about it. I've posted some more information on my post which might make my situation easier to understand. I only joined Turkey Central yesterday and I'm still unfamiliar with how the messaging system works. I wasn't sure if replying to the original post would notify you or not so I thought I'd play it safe and message you on one of your own posts. Thanks alot.
  5. Hi Ken, Thanks for replying. Under the scope of an education visa is the option for an internship visa, it's on the 'Study and Internship' page. But after I brought this to my employer's attention, he still encouraged me to apply for the tourist visa. Basically, the internship is a research based one for testing aluminium samples for industrial purposes. Although I won't be enrolling at a university, my company has a contract with a university that allows them to use their lab facilities. So I won't be enrolling at the university but I'll actively be on the campus site. The contact who is advising me to apply for the tourist visa isn't actually my employer, he's the General Coordinator at the International Relations Office for the university itself so I imagine he must have dealt with many similar cases with university students looking to enter and leave Turkey. Therefore, I'm assuming he knows what he is doing even though he isn't actually a member of my company. At the moment, he is the one who is responsible for handling any queries and providing any documents that I need in order to come to Turkey. I don't actually have a means of contacting my official employer directly. The embassy hasn't been very helpful. The person who answered my queries when I rang said that a tourist visa was acceptable. However, the email service that the embassy had told me to go for the internship visa. My only concern is that having the wrong visa may mess up my internship and that's the last thing I want to happen. Would you happen to know what the consequences are of me not having the correct visa? I can understand why the General Coordinator is urging me to get a tourist visa. I'm not getting paid so I don't think it can be considered working illegally if I'm using a tourist visa while doing my research. I'm not enrolling at the university either so I don't think I'm breaking any laws by being on the university campus for a year. My biggest fear at the moment is that I'll be denied the right to carry out my internship and will be required to return to the UK once my tourist visa expires. The General Coordinator specifically informed me that residency permits always take precedence over visas and that once I have my permit, the visa that I entered the country with won't be an issue. This whole issue has come about very suddenly. Because I was initially going to apply for an internship visa, I scheduled an appointment at the embassy in London for the 27th of this month with my flight to Istanbul being on the 1st of October. I was only informed this Wednesday that I only need a tourist visa for my situation. I've been left in a position where I have to make a huge decision with very little time to think it over and the whole scenario has left me feeling very stressed and anxious. I apologise for such a lengthy response. This is my first time coming to Turkey, in fact, it's the first time in my life that I'm travelling alone so the whole situation has me feeling very nervous. Any advice regarding the legality of what I'm doing as well as any guidance on whether a residency permit will be enough to allow me to stay in Turkey would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  6. Hi Ken, I'm having a huge issue with regards to which visa I am supposed to apply for for an unpaid internship in Turkey. I've already made a post about it and linked it below. Is there any chance that you could look over it and help me out? The date of my flight is getting close and I'm really nervous over what to do. Thanks alot Hashaam
  7. Hi guys, I'm a British student, studying engineering and I'm off to Istanbul for a year long, unpaid internship next month and something has come to my attention recently that has been stressing me out. Initially, I was under the assumption that I had to apply for an internship visa in order to be allowed entry into Turkey and to be able to apply for my residency permit. I happened to bring this up in an email with a representative from my host company and he responded by saying that an internship visa was unnecessary and that I need only apply for a tourist visa. According to him, I don't need to apply for a work visa as the internship is unpaid and therefore I'm not officially considered employed. He also said that an internship visa also isn't required because in order to be elligible for an education visa (an internship visa falls under this category), I have to officially enroll at an educational institution, which I won't be doing. Essentially, what he's telling me is that I don't qualify for a work visa nor do I qualify for an education visa and therefore a tourist visa is the one that is most suitable for my situation. He said it would be best for me to apply for a tourist visa and then apply for a residency permit (which I can do as a tourist) once the tourist visa has expired and that there should be no issues with me carrying out my internship. The official website for the Turkish embassy in London agrees with what he says to some extent. I've posted the link below. http://www.turkishconsulate.org.uk/en/visa.asp I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on the situation with regards to whether it is legal for me for carry out an internship with a tourist visa. A tourist visa can be purchased online whereas an internship visa requires me to travel all the way down to London from Manchester in order for me to apply for it in person. An internship visa is also considerably more expensive so if there is a chance that I can get by with a tourist visa then it would be saving me a great deal of hassle. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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