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  1. Hello Ken, I thoroughly appreciate your speedy reply back! You've increased my confidence, and hopefully within a year I'll be residing in Heaven AKA Turkey. I'll look into Izmir specifically whilst searching as well, now I've just got to hope I'll make enough Turkish Lira to live comfortably over there.. Thank you.
  2. To whom it may concern, I need some general advice, or perhaps reassurance from anyone who is knowledge in the matter about my following dream: I was born and raised in Canada, and although English is my first (and better) language, I am very fluent in Turkish as well. I'm done getting my Bachelor's Degree with a Major in English this year, and will be completing that TESL Certificate that's required for most ESL positions. I love Turkey so very much, and have always imagined I'd live there one day. I've got lots of family over there as well, and as much as I love Canada, the homeland is where my heart belongs. Long story short, how easily could I find a teaching position over there and how manageable will the salary be? I'm have both a Canadian and Turkish citizenship, and again, can speak both languages quite flawlessly. What's my future looking like, folks? Thank you, Merve B.
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