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  1. Hi. Can a mother apply for 6 month old baby resident permit. Baby's father is not in turkey. Mother has short term resident permit . Or does she need power of attorney from father .
  2. hi. i have been to ziraat bank today. they do open account but they want 5000$ to be kept blocked for 30 days. i been to one in šişli branch istanbul.
  3. thanks guys for your answers. i will ring them tomorrow and will post here. i have one more question . does health insurance cover pregnancy as well if not how much does it cost for a birth approx?
  4. hi. i have applied for first resident permit . my appointment is in december now. i have few question. i have applied along with my wife . do we need to have two separate bank statements or one would b enough? can we change appointment date i e in istanbul ?
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