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  1. Thanks Ken, Then why they allow only one phone every two years, a pit confusing!!
  2. Probably this is a long shot but does any one knows if my old mobile Turkish registration can be transferred to my new mobile phone which is not Turkish ?
  3. You can ask your bank to return the fund to the sender. The bank can deduct the expenses from the fund transferred.
  4. Hi Fada. If you are not a Turkish citizen then your husband can not apply for a family R. P. The R. P. application should be done after he arrives to Turkey as he needs to mention the visa number and the date of entry to Turkey on the application
  5. I'm not a legal expert but I can not see any problem with that as long she can prove that the fund was brought from outside turkey , this is the whole story is about
  6. Great post and really handy informations thanks a lot
  7. Thanks guys for your valuable informations I got short list of places that we will visit and decide about it
  8. Thanks That is very close to what we are searching for . We will visit the area when we arrive
  9. Thanks Justin . We visited both areas and we liked Ovacik because it is a bit cooler during summer and located short distance from Fethiye and Oludeniz .but still a lot of holiday maker flood the area during the summer . We are planning to rent first and see how it goes
  10. Thanks Ken for your information . I will widen my search to include Marmaris . Did you ever considered Koycegiz ?
  11. Thanks Abi I'm sure it's a nice village but it seems to be in a very remote location than we are planning to be . We liked Uzumlu near Fethiye still we are searching for something a bit more Turkish
  12. Thanks Abi for your reply. You may agree that touristic cities are usually crowded, noisy during the season and we are trying to avoid that. Living in a village or small town nearby local airport about 30 k.m.distance hopefully will give us easy reach to both city amenities and the airport whenever we like. We are used to have dinner at home most of the evenings and we are not fancy about bars as well so there will be no problem with that. The only issue will be the language barrier as you mentioned but we will trying to get over by using instant translation applications on the phone and we will work hard to learn some Turkish . Later after settling we will buy our own car if we feel we need to.
  13. Hi I have been following this forum for long time but this is my first time to post on it . I'm going to retire soon as I'm getting near the age of 63 . My missus and I had visited several cities in Turkey and we fall in love in all of them. Now we decided to spent more time in turkey precisely from early May to late October every year and we need advice from you wise people to choose which area we can settle in. We are looking for a quiet non touristy village preferably overlooking the sea near an airport and has a suitable weather for outdoor activities during that period of the year. TIA
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