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  1. Thanks. I'll most likely try and go there end of the week. I'd already tried calling the Ministry of National Defence but they didn't know. Will post back here whatever I can find out.
  2. Hi all I'd appreciate some advice on the topic of taking Turkish citizenship and military service. I'm a 34 year old British citizen. My wife is Turkish. We live here in Turkey. I've had a residence permit for the last 5 years. We've been married for over four years. I'm contemplating taking up Turkish citizenship and I'm having a hard time finding out information regarding military service for foreigners. I did learn of the following, from a Brit who took Turkish citizenship, though the information is from 2010. If you become a citizen and enter the country while you are 22 years old or younger you must do active service for 5 or 15 months depending on your education. (unless you have done it in certain friendly countries).If you are over 22 and less than 38 then you must register as a reservist and you can be called for active duty in times of national emergency. An unlikely prospect. I found something similar on some Turkish websites from 2014, stating that if you're 22 or older after taking Turkish citizenship, you're exempt from doing military service. Does anyone know if the above is correct? Many thanks
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