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  1. Arrived in Istanbul. Good going so far apart from apartment. In beyoglu, the apartments are just too small for my liking. I am thinking of getting something around Levent metro stop (Levent 3). What you say? I will have to come around Taksim daily on metro but I need at least a good apartment to live in for a year. @Ken
  2. ^What a great service you are doing... I am myself landing in few days time and I will also visit them and let all people know my concerns. Thanks
  3. Oh that's really some time. So even someone has appointment in 2017, can he stay in Turkey till that time (even visa expires)?
  4. ^That's fantastic. Please do ask them and let me know their response. I am bit concerned about this as they intend to accompany me and I really hope that there won't be any issue. I just want to make sure that I have the required documentation and there is no legal hitch. I am in touch with Turkish Embassy here and I will be updating in case anyone faces the same situation as I am. Regards!
  5. ^Thanks a lot for help. Yes, they are asking for health insurance for visa, NOT for residence permit. I am planning to get visa for them first and once they come in Turkey, I immediately apply for their RP. They have recently started asking health insurance for visa purposes. Initially they did not follow that requirement but now they are strictly adhering to it. They give visa for days for which health insurance is valid i.e. if 7 days health insurance, they will give 7 days visa. So I am planning to take 20 days insurance for my parents and during that time, I will apply for RP for them. This will help me avoid costs (as initially 3 month health insurance is costing a lot and then I will have to pay again once I am applying for their RP).
  6. ^Will surely do once I am there. Will definitely contribute.
  7. Hello All, Fantastic forum and fantastic information. I will surely contribute once I am in Turkey and up and running there. I am a diplomat and will be moving to Turkey for learning Turkish for a year. I will be on a diplomatic status (diplomatic card). I wont be needing residence permit. However, my parents would be needing a residence permit as they would be with me a for a year. So I will have to do all for my parents in personal capacity as our department does not allow / or does not help officially even if it allows. Now I need to apply for their visa and Turkish embassy is asking for their health insurance. I am thinking to get insurance for 21 days and then once they arrive in Turkey then immediately I apply for their RP along with required health insurance. I have read rules and apparently this seems fine. Am I thinking on right lines? Let's assume that they arrive in Turkey from 16 September and they have valid visa till 5 August and once they arrive on 16 September, I immediately apply for their RP>. I will have enough salary to support them along with government accommodation. So could you advice please? @Ken
  8. ^Great advice. Will definitely follow that. Hope to find something good near Taksim. Want to be around something happening. Plan to do lots of gyming, learning swimming and golf (heard all these things are damn expensive there).
  9. Yep- paying 3 months advance is not a problem at all. In fact, if I really liked the apartment then paying for 6 months is also not an issue. Thanks!
  10. Thanks a lot. I hope I find a 2 room apartment as I will be arriving with my family. How much negotiation should I expect? Is there a great deal going on..For instance will someone asking like 5200 TL come down to around 4600 TL per month...or landlords are pretty fixed on the prices?
  11. Hello all, Been following this forum quite regularly but could not post much. That being said, I am now traveling to Istanbul for learning Turkish language for a year. While the place has taken unfortunate turn of events, I still have not changed my mind.Hopefully, everything will be in place. I will be in Istanbul for the first time on 01 August 2016 and will remain there till next August 2017. For that, I need a furnished 2 bedroom apartment as I will be moving along with my family. I need something near Royal Turkish Language Center as I will be having admission around there. I am looking for something which is at walking distance (1-2km). My max budget is 1500-1600 US dollar (I will be very interested in learning swimming there, doing lots of gym, so will be happy to have some sports activities around). Are there any suggestions for me please?
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