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    Could somebody post a map of the locations of the bazaars in Side/Manavgat? Are there any other bazaars in the area of Side/Manavgat or further away on Fridays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for fresh produce in particular?
  2. Cukurbagli, thanks, and I will just ignore 157 advice this time. What you say sounds more reasonable. However if you call 157 they will tell you that the law states that you have to start a completely new short term residency application. I also had a friend call and select turkish and they said exactly the same.
  3. It took me about 3 months of trouble, probably 100 calls to 157, 2 appointments and generally lots of work, expenses and waiting to get my residency permit in hand. (1st time short term tourist) It was issued for 11 months, instead of 12 I applied for for some ridiculous reason. (Not important for my question, but whoever cares for the reason: My address is a hotel and the hotel owner wrote me a letter that I stay there and the end date was matched to fit my first appointment, I didnt ask them to re-write it for my second appointment, and even though it is a hotel and I can stay there as
  4. Thanks for the responses. Some clarifications: I asked what banks give real credit cards to foreigners as mine is a debit card and some websites might not accept debit cards. Debit cards should use the funds in the linked account, not allowing borrowing of funds. I do not want to borrow funds, I only want to use the funds in my account. I am only trying to purchase things on turkish websites with this card in Turkish Lira, anything else would be stupid, for overseas card use I use cards in the respective currencies to avoid currency conversion. The bank account the
  5. Simple question: Is there any problem or complication to expect if I would try to buy a property before receiving my short term residency permit?
  6. What Turkish bank is most likely to give me a real credit card as a foreigner? My Ziraat Bank card has the MasterCard logo on it but it does not work on n11.com it does not work at hepsiburada.com I can not buy bus tickets online I can not rent a car with it and it has a POS limit of 2000 TL per transaction which is much too low for me. I asked to have the limit increased and it does not seem to be possible at all. So basically this card is useless to me apart from minor POS purchases and getting cash from ATMs.
  7. Ziraat did not block any of my money by the way. Upon my request, they wrote me a custom letter stating my account balances, signed and stamped.
  8. It would be much easier for me to get the 2 years if at all possible, it might save me from getting difficult and expensive Apostilled documents from another country again, having them translated again and notarized again in a year from now as well as having to go to the consulate once again and pay for another custom letter. Also I will not be in Turkey around the time the first year is finished, so not being able to go to the consulate, translator and notar and to my insurance company and be in the country around that time might complicate the extension or make it impossible. I am so confuse
  9. If you apply for a short-term residency permit for a child, then you need to have an Apostilled birth certificate for the child. This needs to be translated and notarized. Apostilled documents can take a while to get from the country that issued the birth certificate, plus extra time to then get it translated to Turkish and notarized, so people need to be aware that this is needed. Also if you have sole custody you need to get this document with Apostille. Ken: Question to ask DGMM: How old can this custody document be (max.) and what date counts application date or start d
  10. Since Ken is going to ask DGMM to clarify a few issued regarding residency permit applications, I would like to collect those questions here. We should try to keep them as precise as possible, but since they make everything so complicated I am not sure if it will be possible 1) How can a first time short-term residency applicant apply for 2 years, if foreigners health insurance policies are only ever issued for 1 year? 2) If the requirement for the 1 year health insurance policy is to be valid one day after the end of the requested residency permit end date, and if the residency p
  11. I have to re-submit my first time short term application on September 1st. I can not get a 100% certain answer out of 157 about the problem with the 1 year health insurance policy and applying for 2 years short term. So I am scared to try it because I don't want to go to Izmir a second time and be sent home plus there is no more time for this as I am approaching the end of my 90 days out of 180 days. I would very much like to get 2 years though. There is no way to call Izmir I was told and I am too far to go just to ask this question. Today they told me to be sure to
  12. Since I have been suffering major headaches trying to get the correct information regarding the required insurance policy start and end dates, I also asked about this in regards to the 2 year residency permit. The information I was given regarding insurance for 2 year residency permit is as follows: They are aware that the foreigners health insurance policies cover a maximum of 1 year. They request that there is a sentence written on the insurance policy stating that the policy can be extended for a further year after the first year. When applying online, you must howe
  13. I have just been on the phone to 157 and they said the system was updated yesterday. Since yesterday it is possible to select 2 years for the short term residency application.
  14. I tried it again yesterday, this time I first asked to withdraw 500 EUR from my EUR account. The requested fee was about 14 EUR. Then I asked how much the fee would be to take out 50 EUR, the same, they said 14 EUR is the minimum fee. The reason appears to be that I originally opened the accounts at a branch in Antalya, and now I am staying in the Izmir area. Also suddenly my Ziraat Mastercard debit card no longer works on n11.com, a few weeks ago I ordered twice without a problem. I called the number on the card, they spoke English and explained th
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