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  1. Totally understandable and I wouldn’t expect anything less OPSEC is key. I have to visit wife’s family in Izmir anyways and I’ll just take a stroll there and find out thank you for the quick response though
  2. Are the air force bases in turkey still restricted for US retired military personnel and their family members?
  3. Are there any vacant jobs in Antalya with me having a American retired military background I've been searching the web but can't find anything
  4. Thank you ken for this helpful information, if I think of anything else I'll ask you again lol if that is ok
  5. Hello I will be retiring in turkey and moving to Antalya with my family and my spouse is a from Antalya, where is the nearest VA office where I can check in and give them my documents? And is there anything I need to know before I get there, like what I need to do
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