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  1. After interview they give you 30 days to bring any missing documents back to them, so you dont need to stress
  2. You dont need to go to Fatih, you can find any tax office near your home and pay there - Fatih is very far from Beylikduzu ( I assume you live there coz of your RP appoitment) -I just checked on google and there is tax office in Avcilar - in the tax office follow sign for VEZNE - take your number and wait (dont forget to take your aplication with you, they will give you two saparate receipts). Your welcome, I am happy to help you Meriem wishing you best of luck
  3. Normally aplication fee is calculated automatically based on the country you come from, 89 tl is for the card, but to be honest 61,01 tl sounds weird for me as I paid more than 400 tl for 1 year - but I dont know what country you come from coz of this I cant comment much. You pay what is written on the application and nothing extra! I have paid already twice through their website and I havent got any problems so far, but I can completly understand you - this is Turkey if my visa wouldnt have expired before my appoitment I would pay it online again as it saves you plenty of time! When you go to tax office there is always big queue - last time I waited more than 1 hour. But as I mentioned it before you can try to go to the ziraat bank and try to pay it there.
  4. Have you tried to pay on e-ikamet website? Yes tax office name in turkish is vergi dairesi. As long as I know you u cant pay there, two years ago I was sent to tax office (vergi dairesi) when I was in Il Goc idairesi in Fatih. You can also try one of the goverment banks like ziraat bank etc, I read somewhere you can pay as well. I have tried to pay in the bank 3 years ago, but was impossible cause the fee was in dolar and I could have paid wrong amount of money. that time there was not fix fee in turkish lira, as rules changes in Turkey every year , you can find your fee on your aplication so maybe it could be possilbe as well to pay there
  5. Hi Meriem, you can pay your fees online directly on the website where you applied for the RP. You wont be able to make a payment till your appoitment is given. If your appoitment was given after you RP has expired website wont alow you to make a payment online.You can also find any vergi daire (tax office) near your home take your application with you as they will neeed your aplication number for a reference and pay it directly there. I paid the fees one hour before my appoitment was given as Il God idairesi and Vergi diresi was near each other .
  6. Your welcome Ken I am happy I helped you and many people
  7. Your welcome Ken, hope it will help many people and save their times! I am going back to Il Goc Idairesi on Tuesday so if u have any questions in mind I can asked them
  8. Its my 5th year renewal of RP, every year I was able to do my application online and then sent all my document by post. As I was told today Il Goc idairesi in Bakirkoy was close down and apparently everybody must come to an inteview now. After I submitted my aplication I waited 1 week for a message to come giving me an appointment which was 1 month later.As almost everybody I was having problems with the website as well giving me errors all the time, but after 2 hours I was able succesfully submit my aplication ( problem seems to be solved when you use turkish language only ) I brought all the documents required on the website and yet left with missing documents and have to go back again. Every years they asked me for a photocopy of the passaport - translated and notariazed - this year they didnt accept it and asked for a photocopy of the passport with all entries and exits from turkey (didnt accepted notarized version as it was only reqiered when mailing documents by post ) . As I live with my turkish fiancee as every year we just get notarized paper saying we live together and he is responsible for me, this year on the top of it, they wanted paper from e-devlet saying he is single. I am trying to get 2 years RP so lets how it will go. I have attached their original paper of documents required, so hope it will help
  9. After I got 6 months waiting period for my visa appointment I went to Igoc idairesi to ask somebody if I could get some permission to leave the country while I am waiting. Of course I got no as an answer, they just told me I can leave the country, but I will pay 300tl penalty, but if I try to leave second time, my visa application will be canceled and I will be banned from entering the country! Before I left from there I stopped by to have a tea just next street from Igoc Idairesi. While drinking tea and talking to my fiancé about the situation, one guy (agent - he is always around just to catch the people) who listen just joined in the conversation saying he can help me - as he helped the government to make an online system ( of course it was a lie as he works for an agency next door). He said there could be a mistake I made while filling up the online application. I went to the agency, gave them my papers and reference number. They cancelled my application and started from the beginning again, I found an email from my last year application (which they asked to compare if all information are same). Everything was same! But what I remembered 2 years ago I wrote my parents name and surname. Last year and this year I wrote just their names, while I was in there I just wrote it again and application went through without giving me any appointment. Agency asked me to pay 50 tl for the help. Two days ago somebody called me from Igoc idairesi to bring translated and notarized passport and notarized rental agreement. Yesterday I went there to bring the documents, all my documents are fine now and my new residence permit will arrive in 2-3 weeks time. While waiting for my residence permit to arrive, they gave me paper stamped by igoc idairesi allowing me to leave the country for 15 days
  10. Graham is right. I just completed my renewal RP application. For the RP ( even renewal) at the end of completing application form you must go for an appointment at their local office. In my application I entered same information like last year and still I needed to make an appointment for which I have to wait 6 months! There isn't any 15-day leave to travel document to be print out.
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