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  1. Yes the visa is good for 90 days, and it can be complex to get residency, so I would read up on it before coming and start as soon as you hit the ground... my friend thought he could leave on a day trip to Greece, and that it would reset his 90 days. No, that doesn't work, he got banned from entering the country for 3 months, even though his Turkish wife was here. I was able to get residency but it was a nightmare, plus I had proof of retirement income AND a Turkish wife. They gave me a VERY hard time with my private US health insurance, too. As one other poster commented, if she is living at home still, then yes, there could be a very serious problem with the family if you guys move in together. My wife refused to move in with me, even though we were legally married, until the traditional marriage ceremony was performed. Some families are pretty 'old fashioned' about it. You don't want trouble with the family or you will both regret it forever, I can tell you from experience. I would just try to find a company here to hire you, they will help you with the long-term visa, then you and her can date until you decide if you want to marry...
  2. Hi, if you already came to Kusadasi, my wife could help you with Turkish; or, I have a Turkish friend who is a teacher from Ankara, he also gives lessons at his English cafe. There are emlak (real estate agents) on every street, everyone here has a brother who is an emlak, you will have no problem. But if you don't want to pay their commission, you can look on sahibinden.com, for kiralik daire, a rental apartment.. many posts are direct from owner, versus agent, so you save money. It's like Craigslist. What we did was stay in a hotel for a month (we haggled a discount because of the long stay, and got meals included) then took our time and found a great sea-facing apartment for about $450 a month. I also rented my own place, to serve as my 'office/man cave,' for $300 a month, in a 'site,' which is just a fenced apartment complex. Kusadasi is largely apartments, if you want to live close to the seaside.
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