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  1. thanks for the replies. good news: finally I received my card before 6 weeks. it's valid for 2 years. thank you.
  2. I checked the ptt website. in 25/12/2017 my documents have been delivered to immigration office. Today is 1/2/2018 and I haven't received my card yet. now I have two questions: 1) I told ptt that I need "iadeli taahhutlu" but I don't know he paid attention to this matter finally or not. I don't know my pocket has been sent by this or normal mail. I just paid 9 Tl for that. if it would be "iadeli taahhutlu" I should receive a paper form the ptt but I haven't received it. is there any problem in here?! 2) some one told me between 1 and 3 weeks you should receive your card. last year for my first time application, I received it less than 2 weeks. but now for extension it's last more than 1 month until now. what should I do? please help me.
  3. but one agent told me there's no problem about it and we solve it legally through registering on the internet. they told me no problem about it. let's see what will happen.
  4. for telephone line and internet connection we have to get our residence permit, and without it we can't get both. well, if I rent a home with optical-fiber, one of issues will be solved. but now for getting your internet I'll have problem. maybe the process of my residence permit takes several months. how can I live without internet?!!! is there any way to solve this issue?
  5. I wasn't able to use the turk telekom website to understand about the capability of areas, unfortunately. who can help me and check out for me about antalya > Yeşilbahçe mahallesi ... which connection in this area is used? fiber-optic or regular by telephone line? thank you.
  6. in the residence permit form has been asked: Have you ever been in Turkey before ? when ? where ? 1. if someone has had a travel to North Cyprus ... is it the part of Turkey? we have to mention it? 2. if we have had more journeys to Turkey, we have to write all of them? 3.do Ziraat bank staff speak English? 4. do the staff at the immigration office speak English?
  7. okay. an another question: I read on the e-ikamat and also your explanations about SHORT TERM RESIDENCE PERMIT REASON OF STAY but I didn't see anything about renting a house. I just saw: Foreigners who owned real estate in Turkey
  8. I'm really sorry Ken, you say it's possible but this content says not: the appointment date DOES NOT have to be before RP or e-visa expiry
  9. thank you Ken for your complete reply. I fully understood it. but two things: 1. My appointment date can't be before my tourist visa expiry? so I must choose a date AFTER my visa expiry? that's right? 2. I know the photo has to be taken since 6 months ago. I've received my passport photo recently. one month ago. so I can use my passport photo for uploading on the website and use it in my documents. so doesn't matter to different to each other. they can be same. my passport photo and my documents photo? in my case. that's right?
  10. thank you Ken for your complete explanation. I fully got it. but one question: assume this format: I have 90 days tourist visa, and I'd fill it out after 10 days.so I can get an appointment 45 days after that. it means 55 days after my entry to Antalya. so now I have 90-55=35 days remaining my tourist visa after my appointment date. so there's no worries about any expiry ... is this format is possible as well or not? but I think according to that content it's not possible because my appointment date would be after the expiry date of my tourist visa. so it's not acceptable. right? but we can do it for example 40 days remaining on our visa ... so our appointment date would be 5 days after the expiry date of our tourist visa. right? I need one more thing as well: 1. is there any page on your website to say us how to fill the application form out?
  11. I can't understand what these sentences mean exactly: (for short-term residence permit *** and I can also get 90 days tourist visa) Choose a convenient appointment day and time (remember that from the date you apply to the date of your appointment you are legally allowed to stay in Turkey so the appointment date DOES NOT have to be before RP or e-visa expiry BUT the APPLICATION DATE does!)
  12. I got some information about Tomer. for learning English, one level lasts one month. it's intensive. you have to pay 480TL per month if your enroll for 6 months it would just be 1.872,00 TL whereas, a NGO institute get more than 5.000 TL for 6 months why is there this gap?! because in tomer they can put even 18 students in a class and the teachers aren't native. are Turkish. that's why the fee is too much less.
  13. it's interesting that download speed is high but upload isn't. and I checked out the turk telekom website and had just been written download speed (from 16 to 100) but not upload speed!
  14. Ken, I saw a email from you, but I think you deleted that or edited that, anyway, let me explain my mean. for both of these, long term and citizenship, having a bank statement is enough to prove you can support yourself financially or you must have a job in Turkey. for example someone has a house in his local country and receive his rent, and through this way can support himself. or someone works on line, how can they prove? because these are not job in Turkey.
  15. if someone is young and don't have any pension, now what they have to do?
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