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  1. This might sound an odd question and rightly so; just having some confusion in regards to such matters. Is there a policy or procedure for retiring or wanting to retire from the Turkish military after many, many years of service and what would that be? forms? monetary? difficulty? any and all information on the legalities of this procedure would be appreciated. Thank you
  2. This is a learning question for me on this topic. It was stated in one of your comments that having this Turkish woman move to the UK would be next to impossible. Why is that. Is it a custom thing; something from Turkey or is it related to moving to UK. I do not know enough about these types of inter country moving other than between Canada and the USA and even that can be relatively difficult. What are the issues in regards to this type of a move
  3. Forgot to add. He will also require enough funds to substantiate his visit and very likely show a return ticket. Being in the US or Canada - same rules almost; has limitations on stay as well. Again check with your own immigration rules. Some countries will produce red flags (warnings or precautions) about who is entering from what country and sometimes from certain countries additional concerns about someone trying to enter to marry, not for love, but for an entry into the country. I do not believe Turkey is on this list but I would check all the avenues out.
  4. I think if you read through all the postings you will find the answer to this more specifically. As a Canadian, laws are similar to the US, some of the problems end up on our side of the world, with coming through immigration and requiring all visa passport qualifications to be met and those can be substantial. They will question him extensively about why he is coming there; may even want to confirm through a phone call to you. They will want to know he is not planning on working or getting married because those require even more paperwork. Check with US immigration laws even just for visiting. Both our countries can be very strict about this
  5. I have older friends in the Turkish army they all speak English very well in addition to other languages. It seems according to UN reports that the Turkish army is not only quite modern but is ranked in the top 10 in the world.
  6. this site is amazing for learning so many things about the cultural differences. Thanks to all the wisdom of you all. This western girl is learning so much.
  7. Thank you on this information. Frankly I am not sure on anything in regards to this. But this is my concern over this too. As you stated I think he probably is above the typical soldier level due to the long term in the service. but if in fact a serious crime or such did happen by him would he not be someone restricted and not be in a position to continue being on social media or even more so attempting to make phone calls over to North America. This has been happening and being on this side of the world, does not make sense in light of what is supposed to be these so called charges. Appreciate the input and knowledge of continued remarks. I am finding it all quite informative but from his end, disturbing.
  8. It is sad in any relationship life to discover that someone has used us. I do not think this is limited to Turkish men but that of people world- wide and men are not the only perpetrators. With all that being said, at some point, whether we are male or female, we are accountable as an adult for our own decisions and behavior. I do not think it would be appropriate at any time to start lending money to people you barely know or to think for one minute that this cannot happen to you. It happens. You as an adult always have to be aware and think logically and realistically. Middle age women or young women, be realistic, be accountable; you do not lend money to someone you barely know. I do not care how much you think you love someone. In reality how well can you love someone in a matter of weeks. Cinderella does not exist. From a world of experience, I would also say that thinking of loving or marrying someone of a different culture, religion or country has his drawbacks and I do not say that with a prejudicial thought pattern but one of a practical mind dealing with a realistic point of view. Marriage is difficult if you have the same beliefs and backgrounds. It is even more so when you have a vast array of different backgrounds. Most of all, you never change who you are for anybody. You listen to those little voices telling you that something isn't right and you NEVER lend money or sacrifice your job, your life, or your future to someone. If they were genuine they wouldn't ask.
  9. Thank you. I tried to reply but being new to this site I believe i did something wrong. That being said I believe that they only conversations on social media were in fact of a minor personal chat and nothing what so ever to do with the government. So it appears that would not be the cause of any type of problem within this military. any other information is always appreciated.
  10. Fantastic site and wisdom in the postings. It is great to have found and this problem i feel crosses many more ages than just those under 29. I have a question about military service, etc. in the Turkish army. If someone has been in the military for years, I believe as a career, is older, as in 55 years old; is it feasible or possible or any type of truth to the fact, that if they have violated some military rule (i don't know what else to call it other than a rule) - is it possible that this person could be thrown into jail and maybe in jail for life. And I believe they were only guilty of talking to someone on social media when they were in a military camp. How serious would the breaking of this rule be with the Turkish army, or maybe it is not even a problem at all. I am not accustomed to the army in Turkey and am more familiar with USA and Canadian military where such things would not happen. However, neither one of the North American countries has a forced military service either. Another question related to the previous concern. If someone did have to deal with such an issue, would they be required to hire a lawyer to help them in such an action. Thank you to any and all for assistance on this.
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