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  1. if There're trustful lawyers with precise and updated informations. Which are theirs contact informations such e-mails etc..
  2. For exportation of products will be from Turkey to another Country .. Indeed , a help of a lawyer for such a question is a must. But the problem that many of them want to take profit even for a simple information !
  3. My question, precisely, in a case that an online business is opened and products will be destined to Export ; so it will not be destined to the Turkish Market and money will be received in Turkey as the Residence will be there. Is a work permit necessary? Also, I heard this but it seems not to be logical: As you're not Turkish and you open a business online even with Turkish Market; it's not necessary to have a work permit?
  4. Yes, I guess this shop in the region provides REGISTRATION FOR FREE ..and it's , of course, a foreigner phone. Now the question, is it applicable for a period up than 1 year, so , for example , they will not block it and you have to pay amounts of money ? For Quality/Price AVEA is the best one ? Thank you,
  5. Please, Any suggestions of companies' names for insurance : let's say the minimum requirement to get the Residence permit , what do they offer the best prices ( age range 30 - 40) ? SGK is it a government insurance ? Is it possible to get one if no yet Residence Permit per year ? Also, what I understood that if you're a foreigner you pay more than a turkish in a hospital, it's both for government and private hospitals ? and if you have a turkish friend , you can convince them to pay as a local.. Thank you for your help, Please, Any suggestions of companies' names for insurance : let's say the minimum requirement to get the Residence permit , what do they offer the best prices ( age range 30 - 40) ?
  6. - "I know of one case where they required zero money in the bank from a foreigner, because they felt comfortable knowing that he had enough money to support himself. " If it's not indiscreet, how did support himself ? just to have an idea. - " I had a similar situation. I just had to provide a letter from the source of my pension, and they accepted that, even though I had downloaded it from my former company's site, and it was unsigned!" This happened recently ? Did they accept, for example, an equivalent of original copy of patent that has more than 3 years ? So, the thing is to show that you possess money whatever if it's a business, savings...? - About flexibility etc.. I guess it depends on the officer . - About nationality , I meant , I'm not sure, that some nationalities have less than 1 year permit residence ?
  7. Not having exactly the amount of 12000 liras , is it considered to show the possession of money in your origin country to the officer for a residence permit? Concerning Tourism option, there's no exception about nationalities in order to get the residence permit for 1 year ? What are the options to allow the application for a long term residence permit ?
  8. Thank you for the information. But there's always something not very clear and this according to Turkish law as for WORKING ONLINE, what I concluded is like " it's not illegal but it doesn't mean that it's legal, too" And I think , it will not be a good idea to tell that's I work online to support myself. And according to this , there're few questions such as is it okay if money will be transferred to turkey not another country? If is it okay to ship items to customers, of course, outside turkey ( this is not a registered company ) ? Is there a tax or added value for shipping? Concerning, the question of registration of company , if someone really interested in settling business , so can he make a registration for a few money until he finds a business partner ( business partner has to be Turkish ? ) ? When I will settle a business, I have to show 12000 liras yearly ? For the " Tourism" option , as it's linked to rental issue so you can obtain a residence permit for 1 year; I guess it's not applicable with all nationalities ; others nationalities can get a residence for something of six months and it's given once time, may be there's any update about it ?
  9. Please, in a case that I work on line with sites such as Alibaba , eBay, not a kind of registered company and probably I will do a website ( I don't know if I can do it in Turkey ) and selling will be outside turkey ( as I know earning money in turkey needs a work permit ) and customers will transfer money in turkey ,for example, via bank account and others types of payment allowed as Western Union... * The question is concerning residence permit , if I will show that I do this to support my self instead to prove an amount 500$ per month yearly to support one self as I don't have exactly the amount of 12000 liras - as I red in the forum -but normally is more than this about 17500 liras ? * In case that I'm going to register for a Turkish company ( for limited company , 10000 liras as capital and a business partner is required); could I register , for example, for a few amount of money until I find a business partner , and this, of course, will guarantee my residence permit I have to prove the demanded amount of money yearly in this case, too? * Concerning the tourist option within the residence permit , as there's something no coherent about it, I was informed that if , for example, having a contract of rent for a year ; you can get a residence permit but through the options of residence permit it's not clearly mentioned and apparently is considered with the tourism option ( I'm not sure about this option, is there any one experiences this )? Normally, inhere I have to prove the amount of money, yearly . * For people who make remarkable cultural project , of course, for Turkey ; I heard that they give Turkish nationality for exception and may be there're benefits as it's not asked to applicate for residence permit; to what extent that's true ? To open a bank account , normally, you need a tax number and a passport identity , but I guess it's not possible with all banks.
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