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    Hi everybody, I need your help and advice please. I'm not sure that I'm right of appeal against the refusual of my application for entry clearance (UK visa). Date of refusual is 12/07/2015. I am Tunisian and I wish to settle in the UK with my spouse who is a british national. The ECOs reasons of refusual are two: - Firstly, they are not satisfied that my relationship with my spouse is genuine and subsisting. - Secondly, I didn't put an English language test A1 approved by UKVI in my application. I just put a national tunisian certificate showed that I have english skills since I had been studying English for 4 years in Tunisia, added to that I have a PhD in Economics. After be refused by UK visa & Immigration for these reasons, I had the IELTS test A1 and I passed it on 08/10/2015. My appeal was lodged on 28/08/2015. My husband (my sponsor) sent to First-tier Tribunal some evidence showing my relationship with him and how it has developed through time (wedding ceremony pictures, wedding ceremony video, honymoon pictures, hotels booking confirmation,...) and a copy of my IELTS A1 certificate. I’m still waiting for a letter from the First-tier Tribulal fixing my hearing appointment. I want to know in my case, I am right of appeal? And the chances of success in my case ? Or should I to withdraw and resubmit a new application at UK visa & Immigration? Many thanks for your help and advice.
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