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  1. Fil, could you give me names for the villages you referred to please ?
  2. Hi Fil, i honestly can't thank you enough for your sincere advice and for taking the time to write in details. you are absolutely right ... My main worry is the possibility that my husband may not have a very realistic view of the quality of life although i know he may also be more willing to compromise a bit more than me. well, I read the citizenship law and we believe he may be eligible to apply for citizenship yet he has no plan to do so. The reason is that he will be paid a lot less. On the other hand I will probably sacrifice my medical career, unless I come back to the UK
  3. Thank you so much Fil, Ken and Greenstein, please don't apologise Fil you have given me something to think about. I'm incredibly grateful to you guys for taking time to write and give me advice. Fil you've given me food for thought which makes perfect sense. Well, I have been reading different topics on the website which are quite useful. But you are right Greenstein after all the reading I thought of writing here cause preliminary Antalya could be an option. I had to ask you guys cause I was not sure. i have to admit my husband is the one with more confidence about the move but
  4. Hi if they had written to you requesting more evidence before the refusal decision and you had not submitted more evidence then, this makes your case weak. But if they had not written to you before the refusal then you have the right to appeal. the problem with the appeal process is, it takes such a long time especially now. So if you are in a hurry ( because sometimes it takes up to a year just for the hearing and then the process to issue the visa if you win your appeal takes time as well) submit a fresh application but if you are not worried about time then wait. best of luck
  5. Hi Fil, Thank you for taking the time to reply. I don't know it as well as the people living in obviously and hence I'm seeking advice Well we are after some peace and this is the reason we are hoping to find a place a bit less urban and westernised. London is very hectic although vibrant. We will very much appreciate the advice and any suggestions are most welcomed. As for the education system, we have not looked into it much for our son since we are planning to go for home tuition. If I may ask, are you Turkish or have you moved to Turkey ? And if you did, where
  6. Hi all, My husband and I are considering a move to Turkey from UK, London. The idea is to give our son who is 8 months old now a chance to be brought up in a quieter, more peaceful and less stressful life, and for us of course. we are planning to make this move hopefully in a couple of years. I'm a doctor, psychiatrist who qualified in Egypt (my home country) and trained in the UK. My husband is an English native with Turkish Cypriot heritage. He works as a career advisor and apprenticeship consultant which he can't do in Turkey. He also has an experience in teaching and is planning
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