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  1. Dear at first. Their attitude, then they want a full month commision for one month rental contract.
  2. Dear all finally I shipp all my stuff from dubai yo istanbul. It gonna takes 1.5 month, i am looking for a temporAry full furniture flat for this 1.5 month and then i have to find a big flat . i search a bit and this real estate really surprise me. Very disappointed. Any advice ? Any help ? Thanks pooria
  3. hi all any update about this subject? would anyone share his/her experience about this?
  4. Pooria

    pooria photos

    I upload photos i shot from everywhere here
  5. thanks Cukurbagli. does cartoon network available in English in turkey?
  6. Dear all is it any english cartoon television like cartoon network in turkey? if yes, which tv provider will provide these channels in turkey? thanks in advance Pooria
  7. thanks timP for your wonderful support
  8. Thanks for your reply. I already called them, they said their website is too old and school is not international anymore. ICCA is a private turkish school now. and pretty sure i will send my feedback when i reach Antalya and see some schools. any other suggestion? how are normal schools there? i have to find a location which has more expat so he can talk and make friend with other kids.
  9. Hi all i am living in Dubai for 12 years. my son is grade 6 in british school. i plan to shift to Antalya. Is it any international school there? he doesn't speak turkish at all.
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