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  1. From what I know Ataturk invited all of those in the old Ottoman times to return to Turkey if they wished. I know this because my wife's grandparents returned from what is present day Romania. So, I doubt this is the case. Best thing would to be contact the consulate or embassy in your area and ask them directly. I wouldn't get my hopes up though.
  2. My process didn't go like this. I submitted the paperwork and did the interview in the same day. Got an email saying 7 months later it had been approved and I could head to the nearest consulate to pick-up my Kimlik, etc. This was done originally in Istanbul, but we were living overseas. Sorry, not much help I don't suppose.
  3. If you speak/read/write Turkish fluently, then your foreign education could be seen as a benefit, especially if you have English language and other language skills.
  4. Yes, there are restrictions for certain nationalities. The only two I know of that work with some of these nationalities is Kuveyt Turk and Al Baraka.
  5. Only once to get fuel coupons. Base was decent, with good services. Small area, but rather close to Milan and Northern Italy is hard to beat for food. Good luck!
  6. That is interesting for sure. Were you expecting any money back from your home purchase? The reason I ask, is a lot of these Insaat businesses are owned by Arab nationals. Just trying to run down and scenario. Either way, best of luck. Cheers, Justin
  7. Pete, Having dealt with several Turkish Banks both professionally and personally, I could almost guarantee this is a mistake. I have always had pleasant and professional experiences. I'm sure it will be resolved quickly. Please keep us updated. Cheers, Justin
  8. Late, late, late response I know. However, prices have relatively stayed the same, with an increase in Villa type properties. It is still a very affordable city compared to other coastal regions. This will change in the future as more and more expats take advantage of the low lira.
  9. Don't know if I would call it a scam or not. That's a reasonable fee for someone coming out to your home to take a look. he could have attempted to charge more if he was scamming. Sounds to me like a lost in translation issue as far as why they can't fix it. I would say that most anyone in that field here in Turkey will not have the language skills nor the previous foreigner interaction to accurately assist. Do you have any Turkish speaking friends that can call or be there while you are getting it fixed? This would seem to be the easiest way. Cheers
  10. Confused on how I don't know. It is upon purchase. Couple of threads now people are going out of there way to answer your questions, yet you have a negative response. No one here is going to say you must have an appraisal,only those selling or buying. If you are seeking to get away from the evil empires of Europe and America as you say, you will have a very hard time here in Turkey with an unappreciative mindset. Best of luck!
  11. Ibrahim, There are a couple of different options. First, you could google Real Estate Valuation Report and your city. This will pop up with the local consultants doing this type of work. The second, is to contact the emlak agency or bank you purchased your home through, or are currently purchasing your home through. They will have a company that they work with. However, here are a couple of very important notes. The value of the property will be determined by an official valuation survey done by the authorities that are announced by the Banking Supervision Board. The value of the property must be at least $250,000 in the valuation report. The cost of the SPK validated appraisal report will be between 1.000 to 2.000 Turkish Lira and buyers will pay this fee directly to the new real estate appraisal department. Foreign buyers should refuse to do business with any estate agent quoting more or claiming they are licensed to carry out the valuation. Appraisal reports will be valid for three months from approval. In the event of a canceled sale, if the seller finds another buyer, they can use the same appraisal report. If the property is at the off-plan or construction stage, the value will be the estimate at the time of completion. The value cited on the amount of the appraisal report will also appear on the title deeds. After the Tapu is signed over, the Land Registry and Cadastre Information System will add the report to their system before returning it to the buyer. Expected time of completion is three days for Istanbul and six days for other provinces.
  12. I will add on to this topic for the sole fact that everything Ken has mentioned, is spot-on. I will say that if you do not have a large amount to invest and you have the possibility of having a Turkish bank account, that some of them offer ridiculous interest bearing savings accounts. Some as high as 12-13%. THis is not a long term strategy, but if you have some money you can put aside for a while, I say go for it.
  13. If the property is not new, a valuation report must be obtained through a certified program evaluator. That report must be submitted alongside the application to prove true value of the property.
  14. Omer, Unfortunately not, both the valuation and purchase price must be 250k. In addition, the funds transfer must be proven. Receipts of wire transfer are to be included in the application to show origin of transfer and amount equals full 250k.
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