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  1. I am indeed guilty of cross-posting. I'm not saying money is no object but if my $20,000 car costs $40,000 in turkey I'd rather pay someone 5 and Turkish government 15 and keep the car I know I like. Is it ridiculous? Sure is but so are car prices in Turkey.
  2. Where is the other post? Can't find in your post history. Interested in finding out the $$$ numbers.
  3. The 'twice the price' number is made up. There used to be a PDF table on the official website but it is dead now. DEAD LINK Either way, unless you have a residence permit the car has to leave Turkey after 180 days. Mind you it will take about 14 of those days to get the paperwork in order with customs, polis and bank guarantee. Bank guarantee is the painful part, on another thread in this section some guy quoted $20000 US for despite to bring in a 2007 Land Rover (this was a while back and the $$$ go downhill very quickly as the car ages) Whole process is quite a dance, I
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