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  1. Thank you for helping İbrahimAbi
  2. İbrahimAbi Yes he speaks english
  3. Those are precious informations , i thank you for your time and help İ would notice that my husband is turk and i am algerian. İt seems hard and not succesful searching a job by internet, even for my husband who is turk, i think in Turkey they prefere direct contact with people. İf anyone knows any names of companies in istanbul or izmir or other cities, that my husband can contact them and apply directly, it will be a huge help for us. Thank you again for interest. Best regards.
  4. Thank you Ken İ wanna ask something else, do you think another city would be easier for living? Like İzmir for example? My fiancé is accountant , and would like to find a job according to his field, but seems difficult..do you have , please, any advice for us ? How and where to search? Best regards Chahinez.
  5. Hello dear members, İ need your help and advices please İ am planing to move for İstanbul for to join my fiancé, but we cannot find a flat according to his salary. İt is around Büyükçekmece. Does anyone knows how to find a flat with maximum 600 TL? And please, can you advice me for finding a job there? İ am biologist and speak arabic, french and english.
  6. Hello Silkroute Thank you so much for reply, and i am glad to be a member of this nice and helpful community. As i read, there are lots of similar stories, that's right. And honestly i am scared... You said that a minimum for a couple living in İstanbul is around 3000 TL, and his salary is almost the half ! Please do you have any advice for me? Like how and where can i find a job ? Thanks a lot
  7. Hello everyone, İ am new in the site, i dont know yet how to use it properly, i just wanted to share a bit of my story hoping to have some advices from people in same situation , or just to be heared. İ am engaged with a turkish since months, at first everything was going well and i felt his love like a normal relationship. But after being engaged he first bloked me from whatsapp ( he said it doesnt work with him), than days later he asked me to delete our facebook accounts , because there are bad girls on his list and may make problems...anyways i accepted. Later i oppened mine to reach with some friends and saw he oppened his account back but i was deleted ! When i asked he said he is just using it for playstation games! İ dont know if this makes sens. İn another side , when we talk about marriage there are a lot of excuses, like he is not ok and have no moral ( because he has some problems) , and his salary is not enough ... Can someone tell me what's the minimum salary for to live in Turkey? And how much average is for to rent a flat? İ'm so confused...
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