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  1. Has anyone tried to get a simple holiday visa for someone from Turkey? We're shocked by the type and detail of information the Canadian government requires - we have already been rejected once despite doing everything the Canadian government's own website asked. We've been following up but are wondering if anyone out there has tried to obtain a tourist visa to visa Canada for a couple of weeks. Any success stories? If so could you please let us know how you did it and provide some useful suggestions on what to say, what to include? Some of our reasons for rejection include: reason for travel (what's wrong with taking a holiday!!), family in Canada (our family is in Turkey - are only people with family in Canada allowed to travel there for a week or two??), and family in Turkey (with parents, six siblings and extended family all living in Turkey we cannot imagine why we were rejected on this basis). Any replies are appreciated - we've been working on this for months and are now due to lose thousands of dollars due to lost bookings because the process has proved difficult. Many thanks!
  2. I'm trying to find out who I can contact about adults in the city of Istanbul who were unable to obtain their high school diploma and are trying to find away to do this now that they are older and looking to become more employable. Is there someone I can contact about this? I'm wondering if there is a way to challenge a high-school diploma, or take some online coursework or attend classes in order to finish high school. If so, how long does it take, what is the cost? Any reply would be super - I've been searching a long time now...
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