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  1. Thank you for your offer. My plans are still up in the air and looking more like I will not be moving to Turkey anytime soon.
  2. Great information, thank you for taking the time to document everything in one place.
  3. I figured out why I am reading largely different amounts for health insurance. There is the mandatory health insurance to apply for a residence permit and it is around $460 a year but this insurance only covers accidents and emergencies (as you mentioned.) So people buy additional private insurance (various insurance carriers) for around $3,000 a year depending on age for the first year. There are the two numbers I have been pondering. Also I learned that after having a residence permit for a year a person can purchase SGK the government health insurance. Anyhow it is a relief to finally make sense and wanted to thank everyone for their help.
  4. Does any Expat from the United States have a recommendation for an US Income Tax preparation person that they have used? thanks
  5. Ken - You have been in Turkey for a long time what is it about Groupama insurance that you like? thanks
  6. I agree that is odd that there isn't at least one Turkish school that everyone knows in Kusadasi. Thank you for asking around. Thank you for The Ege Eye contact I emailed them. I will take you up on your offer of a copy of the US State Dept study course but will wait until I really move to Kusadasi/Izmir before causing you any expense.
  7. Thank you for all the information it is very reassuring to hear information from someone who has lived the life already. Does it exist in Kusadasi where I would pay someone and they would help with finding an apt, going to bank to buy health insurance and dealing with the resident permit? I feel that I can do all those steps but why reinvent the wheel if there is someone interested in helping. I want a good school so I am glad I found Tomer but I do not need a certificate and probably only will do Level 1-3. I want someone to explain to me the rules, tenses, etc. Tomer also will arrange a homestay for $400 a month which would allow me to settle in before having to find a place, etc. Thank you - if you do hear of a language school in Kusadasi I would appreciate the information.
  8. Thank you for the link I will look more closely at all the information. What I am trying to find is a Property agents, or emlak that people would recommend in Kusadasi. Appreciate your effort about language school in Kusadasi. I think I would like Kusadasi more than Izmir but it is kind of hard to tell how it would actually feel to live there. I am sure it would really depend on the location. Thanks
  9. Thank you to the both of you for taking the time to help me figure this out. I will look at all the links more closely. Redders you are saying that the health insurance is a standard amount and it does not matter who you choose. Is the standard insurance around $1,000 a year or $3,000 a year. I am getting conflicting information and there is a big difference between the two numbers. I am set on getting the Allianz insurance so do not feel comfortable taking Policy for Expat time with filling out the info for a quote. Just trying to find someone that is certain what the cost of a year of health insurance is in Turkey. I did review the Allianz website and that is where I came up with $3,000 but on many blogs I read that the insurance is $1,000. I will look again for an email address but I do not remember that being available. thanks
  10. I am moving from California/US to the Izmir area in July of this year. I have visited 3 times in the last 17 months and I am ready to make the leap. Ideally I would like to get an apt in Kusadasi and study the Turkish Language. Can anyone recommend a Turkish Language School in Kusadasi? Also, could anyone recommend a person who speaks English in Kusadasi that could assist with getting an apartment. I would like a small place by the marina or at least walking distance to shops and bus line. Thank you for any advice.
  11. I am moving from California/US to the Izmir area in July of this year. I have visited 3 times in the last 17 months and I am ready to make the leap. I have some questions. First one is about health insurance that is necessary for short term residence. I have been told that Allianz is a good insurance and that I can get it at the bank Yapı Kredi. From what I was seeing on Allianz website mine would be $3,000 US dollars a year. But online blogs it always seem like they mention much lower numbers when talking about the cost of insurance. I read that after a year I can get the SGK Insurance maybe that is the one people talk about and is more like $1,000 a year. Does anyone have experience with the cost of Allianz? The yearly fee is based on age so maybe that is the difference between what I see and what the blogs mention of insurance costs Concerning residence permit, from the time one starts the residence permit request online how much time should be budgeted before the process is through and I have insurance? Or can anyone buy the insurance at the bank and the person is covered right away instead of waiting until resident permit is approved? Thank you for any advise.
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