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  1. Hello, I've read everything so far. I wonder if any updates it's been a while. I just wonder because I feel like I have a similar situation to yours. I mean the beginning part where it's all going well. However, I learned early on that gossiping is a big thing, which is why they are hesitant to post pictures together and do that in a relationship thing.
  2. I guess one specific question I have is what is proper etiquette when meeting her family for the first time? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Do I take gifts for each member of the family, how do I dress, proper way to greet lol? So many questions I guess are entailed in this general proper etiquette question.
  3. Where did you go man. You should at least have a monthly update lol. It was interesting reading your story. Hope everything works out for the best. Best wishes. Steven
  4. Hello, I'm new to Turkey Central, so I just want to start of by saying "selam". I have recently met this girl, and wow have I've fallen hard for her. However, we've technically never met. So below I will give you more context, but I like to outline and bold to make things easier to read. I think it has to do with me being a law student, and how simply I like to organize things as if I were writing a brief. Excuse my compulsiveness lol. I was just looking for any advice anyone might have for me "a guy, who will/is dating a Turkish girl." About me: My name is Steven and I am from the United States. I am 25 years, and currently a law school student at a pretty good law school in the United States. Born and raised in Los Angeles, with pretty much a Latino background, but now living in the Midwest studying law. I worked a couple years in immigration work, but then decided to go to law school, so this is my first year, which is almost over. My family all grew up Christian, and I believe in God, but never really committed myself to a particular faith. However, I pray and ask for guidance everyday to lead me to the right path. I speak English, Spanish, and currently trying to learn Turkish. Although, quite difficult to do while in law school. About her: She is 24 years old from the city of Bursa. Although, she spent quite a bit time in Ankara studying at the university there. She knows a little bit of English, but still needs to translate for us to be able to fully communicate. She is Muslim as is her family, which is composed of her parents and a younger brother. She works full time doing office work at a hospital. I find her to be such a nice sweet girl, and of course quite more conservative than your average American person. Cares a lot about image, as in the way she is viewed, which is quite opposite view from usual American culture "who cares what other people think" lol. How we met: I like to learn different languages, and I was learning to speak Russian. I had always planned to visit Russia and go to the 2018 World Cup. I download this app to speak to Russian foreigners, so I could learn the language. Although, she is not Russian obviously I wrote to her, because people in her time zone were awake and I wanted to talk someone as I had just finished my Final exams, and I was looking to kill time while I was waiting for my flight back home to Los Angeles. She had this app because she liked Korean culture and she was practicing Korean. This happened in December. From that first day we started talking in December we haven't stopped since. About us: We talk everyday, and anytime we can. I know it sounds cliche, but it seems like I was destined to be with this girl. It's so early, but the way she is with me I love her very much. Now I know meeting online is anything but traditional, and trust me I hear it everyday lol, but we are so close. Of course, I've had other girlfriends, and for long periods, but this feels different, like real love. I know it's early, but we are just crazy about each other. So much so I have already bought my ticket to fly to Turkey this summer. Starting in January we began to Skype everyday! I wait for her to wake up which is my midnight, so I can talk to her before she goes to work. Of course, until midnight everyday I'm usually just doing my law school readings. She waits for me everyday to come home from school, so we can Skype. We Skype until she falls asleep, and I take a nap with her. I wake up close Skype, and start reading until midnight until I see her again when she wakes up. Sometimes we have trouble communicating, so sometimes she asks me please write on Skype, so she can translate it. This is how our relationship has been pretty much. She tells me I am very special for her. I believe her very much. She has told her whole family about me, and they are all the nicest people. They also know that she likes me and I like her. Sometimes when we Skype her mother will come and say Hi to me on Skype, and ask me how I am doing? I tell her very good and that I am happy with Irem (her daughter). Then she replies she is happy because of you too. Also her father has sent me video before for New Years wishing me Happy New Year. I often like to send videos as well. For example, on his birthday I bought a small cake, and recorded myself saying, "Happy Birthday, I wish you the best, and celebrating here in the USA for this special occasion". I know I am a cheesy person lol. She has asked her mother her thoughts on marrying a non Muslim, and her mom told her the most important thing for her is that she is happy. Her family seems to like me. Perhaps it's because they know I'm a hard worker I don't know. I'm pretty sure her family knows who she is talking about when she says that lol. We are not getting married yet, but we have had many serious conversations about these things, because why be with some for such a long time then realize these things will be deal breakers. So she continues to tell me how much she loves me everyday. How she wants to be together forever and how one day she wants to marry me. I know it's really fast, but like I said earlier I feel like we are destined lol. I would marry this girl in a heartbeat. I really love the way she is. She is very simple and never asks me to buy her things. However, since we've never really physically met I have not asked to be my girlfriend. Although, we spend a lot of time together (Skype) and we know we want to be together, I will ask her to be my gf in Turkey when I visit. Also I will study law in Oxford for some time in the Summer, and the Spring, so it will be much easier(cheaper) to make continuous flights from the UK to Turkey, as opposed to flying from the USA (12-13 hour flight). I know this all sounds crazy, so I just want to hear any advice from individuals here, and I'm looking to be part of this community. If you have any questions for me, so you can give me better advice go ahead and ask me. I know maybe it seems like I am daydreaming, but the beauty in this case it seems we are daydreaming together.
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