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    Star reacted to angelaturkey in GOLD SELL IN TURKEY   
    All the jewellers in Side I have bought or sold from have given me a receipt without me even asking them to do that.  And most have had a 2-year guarantee as well.
    My ex-next door neighbour, Semra, has a silver shop in Old Town Side next to the harbour and next door to Brilliant Jewellers where we bought my engagement and wedding rings.  Shame you are in Istanbul and not Side, or I could take you to them both and introduce you.   The owners of both the silver shop and the gold shop next door speak very good English which is a real Plus of course. 
    I own 2 apartments in Side - one which we live in - the other I let friends and family stay in for free.  They just pay for the cleaning and electricity and water they have used on their 1 or 2 week holiday  at Green Apart.  It is on the first floor level in a block of 6 and overlooks the very big communal swimming pool with the Taurus Mountains in the background.  It has 2 bedrooms, 2 balconies, 2 sleep sofas in the living room, air conditioning in every room, shutters on all the windows.  It is a 10-minute walk to the beach.  Look here ...  https://www.2ndhomeoverseas.com/properties/apartment-turkey-15034/  so now I want to sell it ... £40,000 cash will buy this apartment including all the furniture, pictures on the walls, cuterly, bedding, etc. etc.  It must be a cash purchase as the Deeds state that - not me!
    If you want to fly from Istanbul to Side, there are lots of flights every day from Istanbul to Antalya airport and you could stay at Green Apart for free until it is sold.  Sun Express and Pegasus Airlines have flights there from £26 return.  The airport transfer company we always us
    I will be with Mike at our other apartment in Side from 13th March until 26th May - so if you do wish to stay, please do so whilst we are also in Side as shown above.
    All best wishes, Angela x
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    Star reacted to angelaturkey in GOLD SELL IN TURKEY   
    Any jeweller will buy gold from you.  Well, I know that is true in Side, Turkey at least, so it's probably true all over the country.  x Angela x
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    Star reacted to IbrahimAbi in Dogs barking in morning please help   
    In many cases the dogs are reacting to the call to prayer from the mosque, our two have a howling session every morning when the call to prayer is heard.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Tax number for opening a bank account   
    Anybody can get a tax number with just a passport. It's free. Just go to the local Maliye (tax office).
    What do you mean by "residence permit task?" Do you mean they took care of the processing for you?
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Tax number for opening a bank account   
    Yes you could have done it yourself, but the fee doesn't sound excessive to me.
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    Star reacted to Matthew G in Dogs barking in morning please help   
    The strays here are tagged by the city other than that nothing is done about them. I get woken up by the "Junk Man" yelling every day. perhaps some sleeping pills can help.
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    Star reacted to angelaturkey in Dogs barking in morning please help   
    This gadget stops dogs from barking and costs £19.95 each.  It takes 2 AA batteries.  QUOTE... (1) Ideal bark stopping device to stop your dog from barking... (2) Transmits an ultrasonic sound wave heard up to 50 feet away ... (3) Ultrasonic waves are a proven way of getting a dogs attention... (4) Ultrasonic sound wave is inaudible and cant be heard by humans... (5) All orders come with a 30 day full money back guarantee... (6) Features a loud audible sound button if dog is out of range ... (7) Powered by 2 x AA batteries with an on/off switch to save on battery use ... (8) Size of the BarkStopper in millimetres: Length: 105mm Width: 60mm ...(9) Free delivery with 90% of UK orders arriving the next working day ... UNQUOTE
    Available here ... https://barkstopper.co.uk/ ...
    Hope it works out ok for you ... let us know on here please ... Kind regards, Angela in Side x
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    Star reacted to REDDERS in Purchace and register the phone   
    I can assure you registration of an imported phone IS required if needed to be used with a Turkish sim card. If somehow their IMEI number has slipped through the net,then they are very lucky.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Renewing Residence Permit Card and Related Issues   
    Or you can go to a Turk Telekom shop, a bank, or a bill-paying kiosk and they can tell you immediately if you have any debts and what they are.
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    Star reacted to REDDERS in Renewing Residence Permit Card and Related Issues   
    The same Yabanci Kimlik Number once issued stays against your name even if your RP has expired.
    As above your Tax number stays with you once issued......
    If you've mislaid/forgotten your Tax number,yes your bank will have this.
    If you register & log into the TTNet website,i believe you can find any debts outstanding from your account.
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    Star got a reaction from Matthew G in Long distance relationship with a Turkish girl   
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in What Types of Businesses are Successful in Turkey?   
    As I understand it, the USA is a preferred place to invest because it is very stable. Certain other countries are the same, of course. I mention it because I invested in a mutual fund, T Rowe Price, which is in the USA. I learned about then when I was earning my MBA and learning about my own personal investment options, and T Rowe Price has never disappointed me.
    As far as I know, you can invest in T Rowe Price's mutual funds regardless of what country you are in. And by the way, I receive nothing from them by mentioning their name! I would just like to lessen the number of foreigners who lose substantial amounts of money in Turkey.
    If you have a bank account which yields interest, then they are investing your money. They are using it to make money, and giving you a part of it. Otherwise, why would they be paying you to leave your money with them, when they will at some point just have to give it all back?
    If you have an interest-bearing savings or checking account, then your bank is using your money to invest in what is called "commercial paper." Commercial paper is extremely short-term loans. Let's say some company needs like ten million dollars to cover something for one night. Or for a week. They borrow it. And pay interest. These companies are so strong, and so trustworthy, the return of the money they borrow is practically a certainty. So a low amount of interest is asked. And this is actually passed on to you.
    And of course if the inflation rate in that country is high, the interest rates will also be high. The reverse is also true.
    This also contributes to the interest rates being paid. So the more stable the country, the lower the interest rates, but the more surety you have in actually being able to withdraw your money when you need it.
    If you are from a country which has a good semblance of stability, instead of taking the HUGE risk of starting a business in Turkey, consider investing in your own country and live off the returns of those investments to support your life in Turkey.
    I invested in the USA for years. I'm not a rich guy. I sacrificed a lot in those days by living on a fraction of what I was making. I am nobody special.
    I did something that I would happily run out of breath recommending to others: I read books on personal finance and investing, and followed the advice I learned in those books. So again I say, the best investment you will ever make in your life is in a good book on how to manage your personal finances, and invest.
    If you remember nothing else from this topic, I hope you at least remember the paragraph above, and take my advice.
    Jeez. What a great example. The mentality is totally different here.
    I first came here as a young MBA graduate. I saw the way business was done here, and thought "I can do it better." "I can teach them." I was completely wrong. It was not that I was "smarter than them." that was a complete illusion for me. What I came to understand is that the whole society, the whole market, is just completely different from what I was taught at the university and from American business.
    It is funny because when I have told Turkish businessmen about my early, awkward experiences in Turkey, they said to me: "now you have your Turkish MBA!"
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    Star reacted to IbrahimAbi in What Types of Businesses are Successful in Turkey?   
    I would also state that foreigners having businesses here are taking a huge risk. Much better to invest back home and bring the money over. Setting up a business does not give you the right to work in it.
    We had a business partner about 12 years ago, nice Turkish chap, he kept asking me what was successful in Europe that was not already in Turkey. I did my research and produced about 5 ideas, and sourced them. every one he reckoned would not succeed in Turkey. Every one  of those products is here now. we are still friends but not business partners.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in What Types of Businesses are Successful in Turkey?   
    I see bars, cafes, restaurants and various stores open and close all the time.  So it is risky, and there are much safer places to invest money. Often, opening a small business is basically giving yourself a low-paying job with very long hours and a lot of work! So I don't have a high opinion of starting a business in Turkey.
    The first thing to do is write a business plan. This is not something one should do in their head, it needs to be written. There are plenty of resources that can be found in Google about how to write one, as well as examples. Writing a business plan will also force one to do their homework, and market research. Many businesses worldwide fail because they had no business plan, or they didn't follow it.
    One interesting note. If a business in Turkey is successful, someone will copy it. And probably open a copycat business right across the street. There's a street in Izmir we used to call "potato alley." A guy opened the first business selling stuffed potatoes. Now the whole street is populated buy businesses who copied him. A Turk once told me "If you open a bar and it is successful, after two years, sell it!" He was referring to the fact that if a business is successful and word gets out, everybody will start doing the same thing in the same place.
    If they buy a business, this is not a good idea. Chances are the previous owner will grossly exaggerate the income, and not tell them anything about the problems or expenses. This is so common that it can be expected. Also, if they buy a company, they will incur any liabilities of that company (including pending lawsuits) that they may know nothing about. So if they want to run it as a company, they should open a new one instead of buying an already-existing one.
    Me, I would avoid doing it completely. I have said this in another topic... it is much safer and secure to invest in the stocks and bonds of already existing companies with a successful outlook, in a mutual fund which pools clients' money, run by a fund manager who is educated to know good businesses from bad ones.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Interest Rates, Inflation, and Investments in Turkey   
    I have a friend who is involved in such things. I will ask him and get back to you.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Interest Rates, Inflation, and Investments in Turkey   
    That might be the best thing. The issue with investing in another country is the currency exchange risk. When you take out the money, the currency exchange rate will be different. That might be to your advantage, and it might not. If you invest in the country where you are, sure, inflation might be high as well as the return, however when you start converting it to cash later it will still be in the same currency, so you won't have any currency fluctuation to worry about.
    Many people invest in US dollars because it's stable, and when you cash out it will be in US dollars. The dollar tends to do a good job at keeping its value.
    With a mutual fund, you are automatically invested in a variety of stocks or bonds from different countries. The money is pooled in the fund, and invested in various securities by the fund manager. So you could be in a mutual fund and the mutual fund might be investing in fifty or one hundred different companies in different business sectors.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Interest Rates, Inflation, and Investments in Turkey   
    I remember when it was 1.5 or 1.6.
    You previously asked about Forex.
    Over time, company stocks, especially those held by mutual funds into which you can directly invest, perform above all other investment options, including bonds and cash instruments.  If you want to put your money into such a place for a long time, and let it grow, that is investment. As I understand it, stock mutual funds tend to yield some 15%. But they fluctuate a lot. That is why, when you get close to the time when you will need the money, you should gradually transition your money into bonds, or a bond mutual fund. Lower, fluctuation, and lower interest, but the return is more sure. Then when you need the money, you should transition more into short-term "commercial paper" which is very short-term debt instruments. All of this can be done with mutual funds.
    T Rowe Price even offers "Target Date" mutual funds which will create a retirement plan for you based on what date you want to retire.
    What I said above is investment. That is, putting money into an investment, so your money will grow.
    Forex trading is not investment. Forex trading is gambling. There is certainly nothing wrong with Forex trading. Theoretically, you could start trading right now with 1,000 USD, and tomorrow have 1,500 USD. Or 500 USD.  If you have money to burn and want to give Forex trading a try, by all means do so. But if you are interested in putting some money away in a place where it is far more certain to make more, and you have five, ten, twenty or 30 years to let it grow... that's investment.
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    Star got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Documents Required for Students to Get a Residence Permit in Turkey   
    Dear new and future students,
    I know that many people might ask about getting rp card. I state the procedure below. Please note that the financial proof document is not needed for the students unlike tourists. (Number 5)
    1-) Residence Permit Application

    Residence Permit is an official document stating registration with the Provincial Migration Administration Management (İl Göç İdaresi). All international students, regardless of status, are required to apply for a residence permit as soon as they arrive in Turkey. Please check your visa requirements and duration of stay allowance in Turkey in the link.
    Please note that you cannot leave Turkey without obtaining your residence permit card. If you do so, you will receive a penalty depending on your case. Turkish citizens/blue card holders do not need to get a residence permit.
    Provincial Migration Administration Management is the authorized unit for the residence permit process and you can apply online for an appointment via https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr
    A- Steps you should follow up for residence permit first application
    a-) You should make your online residence permit application in this link: https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr    
    b-) You should select "first application" and “student residence permit” buttons and fill in the form. 
    c-) After you complete the form, you will select a new appointment date for your residence permit application.
    d-) After filling the form and selecting the appointment date, you need to get a print of your application form and prepare necessary documents listed as below.
    *The address of Provincial Migration Administration Management is HIRKA-İ  ŞERİF MAHALLESİ VATAN CADDESİ NO:64/ 34091 FATİH / İSTANBUL  (It is next to Vatan Police Station) 
    B- Necessary documents for residence permit first application 
    1-) Residence Permit Application Form (Signed)
    2-) Copy of passport (identity information and photo page, stamp page and visa page) If you have entered Turkey with e-visa, you have to submit copy of your e-visa.
    3-) Old residence permit copy (if you have an old residence permit)
    4-) Four (4) photos
    5-) Proof of financial status document for those who have entry/exit penalty previously. (This is not required for students who do not have any penalty while entering and exiting Turkey)
    6-) If there is not a distinction between your name and surname, your name and surname will be written adjacent on your residence permit card. If you want your name and surname to be written separately, then you should submit name equivalency certificate which should be taken from your Consulate in Turkey.  
    7-) If you are under 18 years old, you should submit a document ( muvafakatname ) written by your parents allowing you to study and live in Turkey. It should have an Apostille and must be officially translated into Turkish. You should get a true copy of it by notary. If you come from a country that does not have an Apostille agreement, then you should also get the approval from your consulate in İstanbul and the district governorship in Turkey after getting it translated and approved by notary.
    8-) If you are under 18 years old, you should submit your birth certificate. It should have an Apostille and must be officially translated into Turkish. You should get a true copy of it by notary. If you come from a country that does not have an Apostille agreement, then you should also get the approval from the district governorship in Turkey after getting it translated and approved by notary.
    9-) If you are under 18 years old, you should submit the proof of stay in Turkey (dorm document, rental agreement, etc.) 
    10-) Student Certificate (to be obtained from the Student Resources)
    11-) Criminal report "sabıka kaydı" (if required, you don’t need to submit it for first application.
    Immigration Officers will inform us if they need this document)
    For example in Istanbul:
    You can get the criminal record from Anadolu Adalet Sarayı in Kartal. You should go to the office of criminal record with your passport. It is in C Block, -2nd floor. You can see the address below;
    Esentepe Mah. E-5 Yan yol Cad. No:39 Kartal / İstanbul
    You can also get the criminal record from İstanbul Adalet Sarayı, you can see address below;
    Çağlayan Meydanı Şişli Merkez Mah. Abide-i Hürriyet Cad. No: 223 Şişli / İstanbul 
    12-) You should pay 72 TL which is the residence permit card fee and submit the payment receipt and keep the receipt copy for yourself. You can pay it on online during your application (if you have any bank account in Turkey. 
    13-) Residence Permit Declaration Forms (there are two documents which you have to fill in and submit during your application to the Immigration Office Staff) You can request these documents from the International Relations Office.
     Important Notes:
    - All international students, regardless of status, have to apply for a residence permit as soon as they arrive in Turkey. Please check your visa requirements and duration of stay allowance in Turkey here in the link. If not, you have to make a new entry to Turkey and then apply again for the residence permit.
    - You should enter a valid Turkish phone number on your application form otherwise the immigration officers can not inform you for a missing document and cancel your first application.
    - While filling the residence permit online application form, you can request the residence permit period up to maximum 2 months before your passport expiry date.
    - You don't have to submit your health insurance certificate on your first residence permit application. You should just select "SSI General Health Insurance" in the online application form.
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    Star reacted to Jirka Filip in Long distance relationship with a Turkish girl   
    Definitely! I think you understand me ☺ sinusoid chart is pretty exact description! 
    You think they behave like so just in virtual? In real life they behave 'normal' ☺
    And you mean when i  finished it, suddenly she would not let it finish? 
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    Star got a reaction from Jirka Filip in Long distance relationship with a Turkish girl   
    Refer to my last year investigation in this forum!
    Turkish girls generally act as a sinusoidal chart! It is completely proved to me. Especially, in virtual world! You should never forget that. You may even get to the end and then see that everything will be collapsed!
    Anyway, I have given my suggestion!
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Interest Rates, Inflation, and Investments in Turkey   
    Star, this is indeed a great topic. Great conversation about it, bound to help someone else who might be in the same situation.
    I hope you will come back to teach us what you have learned.
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    Star reacted to REDDERS in Finding a Lost Tax Number   
    Finding a Lost Tax Number. https://intvd.gib.gov.tr/internetvd/template.jsp?page=IVD_VKNO   Complete the boxes as below using CAPITAL LETTERS throughout.
    Soyadı = Surname
    Adı = Forenames
    Baba Adı = Fathers Forenames
    Doğum Yeri = change box to “YURTDISI”[ last option in the dropdown]
    Doğum Yılı = your YEAR of Birth  (not D.
    B. )
    Click on ‘tamam’ button below, and all being well you should get your Tax number.
    As the above site can sometimes be problematic,you can ask at the Turkish bank you use ,as they will have your Tax number on their files.
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    Star reacted to REDDERS in Finding a Lost Tax Number   
    Makes no difference ,foreign or TC....
    I've used it ,it does work if you fill it in totally in capitals.
    If it still can't find you,then ask your bank customer rep ,they will have it on their system.
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    Star got a reaction from Meral in Interest Rates, Inflation, and Investments in Turkey   
    Actually, my concern is stated below.
    I change some of my pocket to lir in my country. No problem yet. I and my wife have a few thousands dollars and have a few thousands lir (for the first expenditures such as rent, rp card, transportation and etc.)
    I will be given 2200 lir monthly, which might be spent completely since I think the istanbul costs somewhat more than other cities. I think this money is enough for two students. I hope my wife gets fund from her university too. Maybe after 5 months.
    No problem yet! However, I cannot decide whether I change my dollars to lir and put it in interest rate bank and don't touch that since I will have a regular income or just put dollars in bank without any interest (since the interest rate for dollar is really low). Maybe a competent economical person could help me! (I talked in a way that I have a million dollars!) so sorry about sharing this concern with you guys!
    OK. Let me explain. If I open dollar account I will not have an access to the money with credit/debit card. I am sure about that. They did not give me any card 2 years ago and it is still the same. The only way is that Igo inside the bank to withdraw some of it without fair. The fair (ceza) will be applied when I withdraw money from a branch which is different from the branch I opened a dollar account.
    This is just an explanation for the people who wants to open account and they do not have citizenship. (Maybe it would be different for Americans or Europeans!)
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