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    Star reacted to arash1denizli in ING BANK   
    hi there
    about one year ago i asked a same question from an ING branch at my city. the answer was NO.  regardless the type of resident permit
    if you are thinking  about o constant salary by depositing money ask the Deniz BANK too.
    nice interest rate .actually i am curious too find a good bank with good interest rate.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Proof of Residence to Renew Turkish Residence Permit   
    She should just need her foreigner's identification card. Her foreigner identification number, which is on the card, will be in the system registered to your address. If she had an ID card, then she is registered at your address already. The address verification paper simply says what address she is registered to. And that is all the immigration office asks for for a renewal.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Proof of Residence to Renew Turkish Residence Permit   
    Correct. All you are asking is "to what address am I registered?" And that is all the paper says.
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    Star got a reaction from Meral in Interest Rates, Inflation, and Investments in Turkey   
    and now 6.15!
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    Star got a reaction from tcadmin in Interest Rates, Inflation, and Investments in Turkey   
    and now 6.15!
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in GAS/ELEKTRIK BILL VARIANCE   
    Your gas consumption is recorded by your customer number or your meter number. So the gas company has records for your billing. If you have a gas meter, then the gas company knows how much gas passed through it. Yes, I am sure they know this.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in GAS/ELEKTRIK BILL VARIANCE   
    You do have a number which specifies you as the person being billed. It should be printed on your gas meter. So go look at the actual meter and see if there is a number on it. That is probably also your customer number. Whatever number is there (if there is more than one than write them down), it is going to be a number by which you are being billed by the gas company.
    The gas company should also have records for the bills for that number going back for three and more months.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in GAS/ELEKTRIK BILL VARIANCE   
    Just an idea... get your meter number, and take it to the gas company. Ask them how the last bill was for that meter number. Of course, make sure the date range is the same as the bill the site manager gives you.
    Then compare what they tell you to what the site manager is charging you.
    You should also be able to do this at one of the many bill-paying shops that are around most towns. They collect money for all kinds of bills, including natural gas. You could give them your meter number and see how much you owe for your last bill. They may only be able to tell you that if you have a bill which needs to be paid, so in that case, after you get the bill from your site manager, take the meter number to one of the bill-paying kiosks and ask them to run it to see how much you owe according to the gas company. The bill-paying kiosks also get a commission for making these payments for you, so make sure that isn't included in the total.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in GAS/ELEKTRIK BILL VARIANCE   
    I seriously doubt it would change every day. Have you looked at the bills? Prices will go up as the value of the Turkish Lira falls, because imported gas has to be paid for in the currency of the country which supplied it. So if the Lira drops in value against that currency, it costs more Lira to buy it from the supplier.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in GAS/ELEKTRIK BILL VARIANCE   
    The price of natural gas will vary, just like the price of petrol. How were you given the price of 95 TL? Is that what it says on the bill from the natural gas company?
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    Star got a reaction from Ken Grubb in IKAMETGAH   
    No need to make an appointment
    Here is Turkey!
    I went and they gave the ikametgah!
    address prove
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in IKAMETGAH   
    I agree.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in IKAMETGAH   
    It will be different at each office what they do. The manager of the Nüfus told me, when I went there without an appointment, that they could not do anything without one and to just keep trying to make an appointment. Hopefully you can go without an appointment and be served.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in IKAMETGAH   
    I believe this is the information you are looking for:
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in IKAMETGAH   
    No, you are not required to go with the landlord.
    You can do that. That should be all you have to do.
    It means that, after you get your residence permit, you must go to the Nüfus within 20 days to be registered in the address system. The problem is that currently, the Nüfus appointment system is not accepting foreigner identification numbers. Try it to see if it is now accepting them (they are aware of the problem and working on it). If it accepts your foreigner identification number, then make an appointment. If not, you can either wait and check back every week or so, or go early in the morning, explain the situation with their website, and see if they can slip you in between appointments or see you separately. Here is the link for the Nüfus appointment system:
    Nüfus Appointment System Website
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    Star reacted to Meral in Foreigner and public hospitals   
    This might be slightly off-topic, but related to it anyway.  Recently it came to light that private hospitals in general have been charging emergency outpatients outrageous amounts for treatment.
    A man who fell in a carpark & sustained  a bleeding wound to his head went to the nearest hospital, a private one.  They wanted to charge him for 2650 lira "because they had no SGK agreement", which he refused, but they wouldn't let him leave without signing a disclaimer....ie. saying he left of his own free will.  On the form they gave him to sign, he wrote that because he was informed they had no SGK agreement he was leaving the hospital without being treated, & signed it like that. At this, they decided to treat him under the official guidelines - did a brain MR, stitches in neck & full examination.  At the checkout, the woman was amazed & asked what he did to get his treatment fee reduced from 2650 to just 158 lira. Story is here http://www.sozcu.com.tr/2018/gundem/ozel-hastanelerin-acillerinde-fatura-soku-yasamayin-2213232/  Next day the hospital's patient relations officer phoned him to apologize.
    The article continues to explain that private hospitals MUST treat emergency patients & charge them only what the SGK specifies in their schedules (according to type of treatment).  I don't know if endoscopy is considered emergency.  Nor am I sure if foreigners (ie without SGK) would be covered.  It would seem inhumane to refuse to treat someone bleeding to death, but a foreigner might possible be charged more.
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    Star reacted to IbrahimAbi in Turkish Postal Service   
    In my experience it is totally trustworthy. You need to use taahutlu to have the receiver sign for it. It is a very reasonable price (compared to Europe).
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    Star reacted to IbrahimAbi in Foreigner and public hospitals   
    The quality of treatment in the public hospitals is generally good, the private ones are cleaner and more modern looking but do you want to pay for that? The other concern I have with private hospitals is that they always recommend this test and that scan (all costing lots of money), I wonder if the tests are necessary or do they have to get a certain number of tests done per month just to pay for the loan on the machines?
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Foreigner and public hospitals   
    You mean provide free medical services, with the doctors and staff working for free? No. 
    You are required to have medical insurance to live in Turkey. But to answer your question exactly, yes. Someone could go to the public hospital without insurance. However, if while at the hospital they received medical services, they would have to pay for them.
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    Star reacted to IbrahimAbi in Foreigner and public hospitals   
    In 2004 I cut my hand badly and went to the Accident and emergency dept at the local hospital, I did not have insurance at that time. I had to register at the hospital and pay for my treatment before they treated me. the answer is yes, foreigners will be treated at public hospitals but they will be charged the full cost of the tratment. Whether they pay before they are treated or afterwards probably depends on how serious and urgent treatment is. I hope that your wife makes a full recovery soon.
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    Star reacted to SneeSnee in Turkish Rental Contract and Address Confirmation   
    If there are general problems you can also call 157 and ask there.
    Second things is: go to your responsible immigration office and ask them what they exactly want. Then you know what YOUR immigration office wants. Bring the necessary documents they ask for! Don't discuss or search solutions. If your foreigner office wants to see a notary published contract, you have to bring it. Finished.
    The notary takes a fixed fee. Those are up to your city you live in. 
    Nüfus is just the registration office, there you make your address registration and take the address report for your residence permit. It has nothing to do with notary works. Just show your contract, they check on the system if all is ok, they make the registration and give you the paper. Stamp it from the boss and that's it. Normally doesn't cost anything. 
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Turkish Rental Contract and Address Confirmation   
    You would be a resident. So you would be registered with the nüfus (citizenship and population directorate) as having a residential address in Turkey. You would have established this as part of the process of getting your residence permit.
    If your wife comes on a tourist visa, she would not have a registered address. If she applies for a residence permit using your same address as a residence, then she could register her address at the nüfus.
    Your apartment rental contract has nothing to do with the legal status of your wife. You could rent an apartment and list Donald Trump on the contract if you wanted. But that wouldn't make Donald Trump a legal, registered resident in Turkey.
    Your wife would need to become a legal resident, and after that, register her address at the same address as yours.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in FREE ISTANBUL TOUR   
    What I would suggest is buying a local guide to Istanbul, if you want a complete list. There are many places to see. The Eyewitness Guide to Istanbul is an excellent one. Or you can go to the tourism information office and get a brochure for Istanbul, which would be free, and would also give you a list of things to see.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in FREE ISTANBUL TOUR   
    I haven't heard of this before, it sounds great though. I am wondering if the tours are being done by students studying to be tour guides.
    Some tour companies do tours for less than the price at which they would make a profit, but these tours always include a stop at a carpet shop or some other shop where they get a commission if the tourists buy something. But that may not be the case here since they don't seem to mention shopping.
    This is a good find, Star.
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    Star reacted to des kelly in Interest Rates, Inflation, and Investments in Turkey   
    Hi again Star.
    Best advice i have got for a long time.
    You are only 28 and i think you have more wisdom than me at 70.
    Kind regards.
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