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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Telephone and Mobile Phone Re-registration in Turkey   
    Here is my experience with the mobile phone re-registration.
    First, I tried it using the "Digital Operator," which is apparently an application you have to download from the Google PlayStore or Apple's equivalent. I went through the process with the Digital Operator, but when I got to the final step and submitted the information, the Digital Operator said it couldn't be done, and to try again later. So I tried it again later, and it still didn't work.
    Next, I went to the nearest Turkcell store. They only required my mobile phone and my residence permit or the yabancı kimlik numarası (foreigner identification number, or YKN). They didn't ask me for my passport.
    There was one employee which was doing the registrations. She knew what I needed as soon as she saw my residence permit card. She took out a tablet and entered my mobile phone number into the Turkcell system. Next I received an SMS message from Turkcell with a six-digit code, which she entered into the system to verify my mobile phone number. Then she entered my foreigner identification number from my residence permit card and submitted the information.
    That was it. It took maybe five minutes.
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    Star got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Telephone and Mobile Phone Re-registration in Turkey   
    I just entered the required info. to the vodafone link sent by vodafone.
    I hope it worked
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    Star reacted to Goreme1990 in Difference between kargo and ptt   
    You will have to ask at the PTT. In the past you could send things to any post office, anywhere, poste restante. The item would be held by the post office and you would have to go and pick it up. With this method they don't tell you when it arrives, you just have to guess and ask them. Poste restante is postrestant in Turkish. If you have enough Turkish you can go and ask them Postrestant var mi? and if they say yes ask, Postrestant adres beni yazabilir mi? (Can you write the poste restante address for me). However the most secure way is to give your home or work address.
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    Star reacted to Goreme1990 in Difference between kargo and ptt   
    That's good to know. Good luck and let us know if you get your parcels.
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    Star reacted to Goreme1990 in Difference between kargo and ptt   
    22 April is not a holiday in Turkey so the PTT and Banks will be open. Please note that 23 April is a holiday. At the PTT you can send items like letters and envelopes by normal mail or boxes and larger things by cargo. How much it costs depends on the weight and dimensions of the item and who fast you want it delivered.
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    Star reacted to Goreme1990 in Telephone and Mobile Phone Re-registration in Turkey   
    Like Redders said, if you are a foreigner in Turkey and you want to use a phone, wherever it's from, you need to register your yabanci kimlik number with the service provider.
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    Star reacted to REDDERS in Telephone and Mobile Phone Re-registration in Turkey   
    It's nothing to do with the handset, registered or not, this is in relation to the sim card. So if it's a Turkish one & was registered by a foreigner, then you must re-register yourself with the service provider of the sim card.
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    Star reacted to REDDERS in Telephone and Mobile Phone Re-registration in Turkey   
    It appears that the Turkish Telecommunications Authority are having an update of all Internet & mobile phone details for all foreigners. ALL foreigners with a contract with these companies must re-register so the system can be updated.
    Other providers of home internet/phone & mobile phone will follow suit over the next few days, so keep an eye out for a text message from your Turkish home internet & mobile phone service providers.
    This morning i went to my area Turk Telecom office and re-registered my account for home internet & phone.
    The documents required are:
    Passport Residence Permit Customer (Abone) number I wrote my name & signed a new form of registration & that's it all done.
    Also regarding Turk Telecom & the text many subscribers received. The date of 2nd May to re-register by is just a ''hurry up'' date so you don't drag your heels. As with many Turkish Citizens, if they don't give a date & also threaten restrictions to their service, then many TC's would probably not bother or forget to do this. So as long as it's within May /early June there should be no problems.
    Just fill in the form from the link given in the mobile phone text message sent.
    Are the latest to send messages (my wife received hers this morning). Again stating that re registration is required.
    Passport & Residence Permit needing to be shown by 2nd May 2019. This can be done either by calling into a MAIN Turkcell phone shop or via the "Digital Operator" via the link shown in the text.
    Now Turkcell actually states in their text that if you do not have a Foreign National Identification Number (99****) your sim will effectively be closed, allowing for just emergency calls.
    Again, as with Turk Telecom giving this date may be for the same reason stated above, but you definitely have to have a Yabanci Kimlik Number to keep your sim open. It appears that anyone who originally bought a sim solely with their passport & no Residence Permit, may lose their sim & phone number, unless a Yabanci Kimlik Number (99****) can now be shown.
    The Digital Operator link given in the all texts seems to be causing problems for many folks ,so it's suggested that you simply go into your local service providers shop or office and complete the re registration there.
    I see by scrolling around some expat pages that some main service provider phone shops are trying to charge for this service. Please be aware THIS SERVICE IS OFFICIALLY FREE.
    Always use the service providers MAIN shop or area office.
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    Star reacted to Goreme1990 in Telephone and Mobile Phone Re-registration in Turkey   
    You also have to register if you have a pay as you go SIM card. I successfully added my TC Kimlik number using the Digital Operator link provided by Turkcell.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Telephone and Mobile Phone Re-registration in Turkey   
    I've also been hearing this from various expats, that the mobile phone companies are asking foreigners to re-register their mobile phones. No explanation is being given. I haven't received any message like that from Turkcell. If you want to be sure about it, you could just go to a Vodafone shop and ask them.
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    Star reacted to IbrahimAbi in Liver!   
    Yes, be careful to make sure that he knows you want karaciğer and not akciğer (lungs)
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    Star reacted to IbrahimAbi in Liver!   
    Most butchers work to a pattern, possibly to have meat in when the town is busy for market day etc. Ask the butcher when he will have some in. Yes, we have bought it from a local butcher before.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Rent renewal   
    Good luck with it. Recently my landlord tried to raise the rent by some 50%. I explained to him that this was illegal and explained the law to him. He already knew the law, he was just hoping I didn't know it. I ended up with a much more reasonable rent increase.
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    Star got a reaction from Ken Grubb in Paying all the rent before inhabiting   
    Thank you Meral
    No I made a mistake my grammar mistake!
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    Star reacted to Meral in Paying all the rent before inhabiting   
    OK Star, sorry I missed the meaning.... I'm glad too, that you didn't pay it !
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    Star reacted to Meral in Paying all the rent before inhabiting   
    I had thought that, when the dollar crisis was at its worst, RTE announced that all sales & rents of properties were to be conducted in Turkish lira.... ?  You should check this, Star, as maybe some landlords/agents are not complying with the kararname .. ! :/
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    Star got a reaction from Meral in Paying all the rent before inhabiting   
    That time dollar was 3.44 tl. 
    I wish I did not rent that
    This is what I was talking about!
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Rent renewal   
    If you have been paying your rent and have not violated the contract, you have the right to stay there and rent the place for ten years. Even if the rental contract states it is for one year at a time, because rental contracts are considered to renew automatically for ten years. After ten years, if the landlord wants you to leave, he must send you a legal notification through a notary. The only way he can kick you out before ten years is if you have broken the contract, not paid the rent, etc. So if you have not broken the rental contract, and have been paying your rent, the landlord can increase the rent as explained above, but you don't have to worry about being kicked out.
    An average of the ÜFE (Producer Price Index) and the TÜFE (Consumer Price Index) for the previous twelve months is used to set the maximum amount that a landlord can raise the rent. You can negotiate for less. So the February amount in the table would be the average of the ÜFE and TÜFE from February 2018 through January 2019. So if that average is 16.33%, then that is the maximum amount the landlord can increase your rent.
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    Star reacted to REDDERS in Rent renewal   
    When in the following ”Rent Increase Ratio Calculation Tool” link….
    Make sure that under ” Rent Increase Rate:” the * is in this line…”Consumer Price Index (CPI) (Select for dates from 18 January 2019)”… before filling in your figures.
    The lease agreements in Turkey are regulated mainly with the Turkish Code of Obligations No. 6098 (TCO), dated November 1, 2011  Consumer Price Index (CPI) (Select for dates from 18 January 2019) which sets forth a specific section for leases of residential and business premises.
    If you pay your rent in Turkish lira, your landlord cannot legally raise your rent more than the yearly increase in Turkey’s wholesale price index.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Sposorship letter   
    I have never heard of anyone sponsoring someone who is traveling outside of Turkey. I have only heard of sponsors for people coming to Turkey, or allowing someone to stay with them and use their place as a residence. This would be the same type of sponsor letter, called a taahhutname (an undertaking). For the typical type of sponsor letter, you can get them from the noter. They have various formats already prepared for many types of legal documents, and can modify them according to your needs.
    The noter notarizes it. There isn't anybody else who could do it.
    Yes, you can sponsor anybody. It is not just restricted to relatives.
    So as understand it, you would just go to a noter and explain what you are trying to do, and they will create the document you need. If you don't speak Turkish, a sworn translator will need to read it to you to make sure you understand what you are signing. If everything is the way you want it, you can then sign it and the noter will stamp and sign it.
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    Star reacted to Meral in Sposorship letter   
    Seems to me, if somebody needs a sponsorship letter for travelling outside of Turkey, then perhaps it is a requirement of the destination country, to ensure the person won't be a financial burden on that country or its citizens.... ?  In any case, the noter document should  be satisfactory for the purpose.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Sposorship letter   
    You should go to a local notary and ask them. They have letters like this already made up, which can be modified to your purposes. You would need to have it notarized anyway for it to have any legality.
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    Star reacted to Ken Grubb in Credit card   
    Congratulations on getting your credit card. Is it an actual credit card, that is, where you can run up charges and pay them off over time with interest, or is it a "bank card" which uses the money you already have in your bank account?
    Either way, you can use it anywhere in Turkey at shops and stores. However, if you want to use it online, to buy things on the internet, you will probably have to go to your bank to have that option enabled. I "think" you also have to do that if you want to use it in other countries. I am assuming it says "Visa" or "MasterCard" on it. If so, you can use it at any place which accepts Visa or MasterCard (which is pretty much everywhere).
    The shops may to have to pay some kind of a commission when people buy something using a credit card. There is no "extra fee," however if you pay cash they might give you a discount, depending on which store you are in.
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    Star reacted to Meral in Interest Rates, Inflation, and Investments in Turkey   
    Was that really only last Wednesday?  I'm looking at the X-rates right now.... USD 6.46, euro 7.36, £ 8.24, & our Aussie dollar on 4.71.  And the banks are giving us 18% interest !  But inflation is dragging everything back down!  I wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow...... ? 
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    Star reacted to arash1denizli in Credit Cards for foreigners in Turkey?   
    in a especial period of time i was seeking for a credit card or debit card or any kind of prepaid card.
    i checked with many banks. but they ask me if i have stable job with insurance in turkey.
    even for debit card!!
    finally i had to forget about it.
    btw in my homeland country, IRAN, a rate of 15-17% is very common
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