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  1. Star

    NOTER credibility

    They don't know man. They can't answer well!!! I know I should ask them!!
  2. Star

    NOTER credibility

    Thank you Ken, The embassy said that we accept the turkish or polish language documents. My marriage one page certificate was prepared in Iran. So, as far as your post if the sworn translator translates it and noter approves it it would be considered as an official. Maybe it is better to translate it in polish and approves in noter and kaymakamlik to be in the safe side since it is the poland embassy. no?
  3. Star

    NOTER credibility

    It is written like this A notary, also called a notary public, is a person authorized to witness the signing of legal documents, usually concerned with deeds, estates. .
  4. Star

    NOTER credibility

    Hello, I have a question regarding noter. Consider someone has a document and it is translated by t he sworn translator and noter onays that one and also kaymakamlik approve it. Is this document considered legitimate inside turkey and can it be used for any embassy inside turkey if turkish language accepted by them? I mean what is the exact credibility of the noter?
  5. The poland embassy in istanbul is involved actually. Just simple, We are not Turkish citizens but we have a resident permit of Turkey and my wife wants to join me in Poland. Therefore, we need to show somehow we are spouse:)
  6. No it is not about Polish law. The woman told us that you need formula b! It is not a car race competition btw:) If you search you will see. Formula b Our marriage certificate was not issued in Turkey! I think I should translate it then notarize it and then apostille it in Kaymakamlik
  7. I am not in Turkey Ken. But, I think if I come there I should be able to do that.
  8. Hello, My wife wants to join me in Poland. The issue is the embassy just refers the applicants to specific center. I asked about the documents. The only thing I do not know exactly is formula B marriage document as well as marriage document itself. They said that you should apply for type D since you are going to live with me. Des anybody know if I translate my marriage certificate (issued in other country) to Polish language and then notary approve the translation and then kaymakamlik certifies it as an apostille is it enogh?
  9. Ken, So, even if they wont give it to anybody there would be no problem right? For example, if I come after 3 months to get it the DGMM wont say why you come now?!
  10. I am outside of Turkey. My resident card is ready and it was posted to my house. Could it be possible that the delivery guy give it to my wife? What happened if not?
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