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  1. My friend asked ptt and they say yes you can. Also when receives to ptt I will get message I am not sure of course whether I get sms or not
  2. Thanks Could my friend send an item to the ptt branch near my home? I mean give that address and I take from there.
  3. Ohhh I see I did not register my phone and don't want to register. I have another phone bought inside Turkey. So It is about sim and nothing to do with cellphone registration that should be done 3 months from the time we come Turkey It is free right?
  4. I have an old cell phone bought from Turkey. Could I continue with that or my sim number will be blocked at the end?
  5. Guys The problem I have is that: I did not register my phone from 3 months starting from the time I came Turkey. Therefore, I just use it as one-line. I m ean just get sms and call. Cannot call and send. Now, this message means my cell number completely will be inactive? I hope not! Also, for turktelekom HOME INTERNET could I just use nearby shopping center? do they all know about it? Thanks
  6. Also turk Telekom is same. But it asks to go their offices for home internet
  7. Hello, This message is sent by vodafone: As required by the legal regulation which is mandatory for all operators, you should transmit your Foreign Identification Number which is starting with 99 to us to continue using your line. Otherwise your line will be closed to make calls, send messages and access to Internet as of May 2nd. You can share your identity number via the link as free of charge: http://vftr.co/yabonelerin B003 It wanTed my name and number and foreign identity number. I fill the form and submit. Then I thought maybe it is not secure:( Of course It just requires identity number and tel number and name no bank or other info. Could anybody use these info to go to bank account? Could anybody do anything with just those info? What should I do?
  8. So, I should tell I want fresh liver (dana or kusu) right?
  9. PTT has kargo itself the questions is I want to send sth from one side of istanbul to another? what is the best and cheapest way?
  10. What are the differences between kargo and ptt? I want to send items inside istanbul (from one side to another) which one is better?
  11. Thanks Ibrahim So, Butcher have new liver everyday? Since, I need new one and as you know the liver should be healthy. Did you buy from any butcher before?
  12. Hi, From where normally you purchase meat specially liver? Butcher or AVM? What are the differences? Which one is better and cost efficient? thanks
  13. Star

    Rent renewal

    THanks Yeah we should check the website stated above to be sure. The legal rise is the percent written there
  14. Thank you Meral No I made a mistake my grammar mistake!
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