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  1. Ken No need to go to the tax office. Pay to 9207 code in ziraat bank 110 tl for 2020. That is it! Of course, students need to pay just this amount
  2. Hello guys, I sent an email to the university to renew my rp card. In one section they mentioned that : You can make you residence permit card fee payment online. However, since the online payment system doesn’t work properly we strongly suggest you to make your payment to the nearest tax office. RESIDENCE PERMIT CARD FEE IS CURRENTLY 110 Turkish Lira (Updated in 2020). So, I should go to the tax office and asked to do what? What should I say?
  3. Hello, I have a question regarding credit card. Does anybody here use creditcard (Turkish bank)? I actually use it in Turkish tl, however now for applying universities or registering some exams I need to pay in dollar or euro or .... I want to know if I change my bill to the (yabanci ekstre) which means the debt will be appeared not in Turkish tl, is it economical? This means that the debt directly appear as dollar and I waill pay off as dollar? Also, I see that I can change it whenever I want. However, when it is applied is important. For example, today is the last day for the previous debt payment. Now, if I change it now is it applied to the next 30 days? I know that if I purchase in TL and the ekstre is in dollar then they use the maximum exchange rate in that day however, I do not want to use it as TL and just use it in dollar for this month. The bank could not explain well for me. Thanks
  4. Ibrahim abi Thanks There are many actually kargolar. But, maybe as you said it would be expensive. In a price calculation ptt page some countries like Australia does not exist or it is my fault?
  5. Hi, Which postal service is the best for outside of Turkey? I want to send lots of documents to different countries. Anybody had experience? Time is not so much important than price and warranty! Thanks
  6. Thanks, It seems that we should wait for one day after buying the simkart in order to be activated right? If so, how can we charge the simkart? Is it possible to do it online? Also, how much does the minimum charge cost? Finally, I checked at internet bank there is not option for bimcell, am I right?
  7. Anybody still has bimcell? As a foreigner shall I go to the BIM market (any market) with rp ccard or passport, do they sell any simkart?
  8. As far as I know in Turkey everything happened inside home should be fixed by tenant. No? I have a question. For example, we gave deposit to the landlord. Now that we want to leave they should return that money. With respect to what they pay us? I mean do they look at the devices and walls and everything?
  9. Anybody has vakifbank account Would you please ask them whether they open bank account for Iranians with legal rp?
  10. You should try other branches! Yes branches work differently. Go to the banks which have other Iranian or those nationalities clients more than enough ! Ziraat ?! Of course it should open. Try other branches Update us I also have plan to open in vakifbank Don't tell them you want to transfer. Many banks close the swift for international transfers of those nationalities. But, ziraat I don' think so
  11. I asked from uni Hopefully no need to go to goc The university will send the documents
  12. Ken I made an appointment and in the date of appointment it is written that Randevu Tarihi GİGM Tarafından Belirlenecektir It means that the date will be assigned later. What does it mean?!
  13. Ken, No problem. Just here you stated that resident permit card is enough for paying in those banks. Also, I read that we can pay online while filling the application form which is the best option. Finally, is there any fingerprint process and taking photos in the DGMM?!
  14. Anybody knows how can we pay in bank? I went they could not do it. He said that there is "ikamet calisma izni" which is working permit and 89 tl. Even though it is 89 tl the same but he highlighted that it might be wrong and he was correct maybe since we are not applying for work permission. He said which kind of tax "vergi turu" it is? Anybody did this before for extension. previous year we paid and we did not have any problem.Maybe we need to bring that paper which tax office gives! If we could not find it we should go again to the tax office. I remembered in Ankara I paid 72 tl or something like this 3 years ago in tax office. could we do that again? P.S Please note that we do not need to go to the GOC dairesi the university said they themselves send the documents
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