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  1. My Indian friend purchased a cellphone from aliexpress. It is kept in custom in Turkey for around 50 days. The do not turn it back and he can't understand why?! The due date for turning back is also over and even if they turn back he does not know whether the seller refund or not around 1000 $ ! Does anybody hav same experience. He is disappointed! It seems that custom keeps it forever!
  2. Hello, My wife is a student and her rp is going to be expired after two months. She wants to apply for renew next month in order to avoid any excessive fee. The thing is that I forget where should I pay that 72 tl? We paid something like this and do I need to pay it again? How about the rp card fee? University said that just around 200 for insurance and 72 tl for ...!? I don't know whether they are correct or not. Rules in Turkey are somewhat vague!
  3. Ibrahim! What a good idea! I brought Soya with myself two years ago from my country, It was 3 tl that time!! Maybe the quality is different. I could not eat that actually. The picture you sent is the same as I brought but I don't know the quality. The problem is just not a price. If the quality is good at least I pay it P.S. My problem is with this people. Most of them want to deceive you!
  4. Hi Hamdi,] You are welcome to Baku, Of course they understand you no problem The price of meat is generally the one I told you. This is the price I got from the Migros. There are cheaper meats which I think is not meat! I am not saying the cheaper the meat the worse. however, I saw A101 and BIM they are really in low quality. I think from now on I should go to Migros and let the butcher know I do not want any brown meat or so. I should look at them carefully. This time I made a mistake. normally in middle east if your are going to be a routine customer of any avm or so and if they understand that they are the first choice you select they are going to decrease their quality, Specifically the stores which sell those things! Thanks anyway
  5. Isn't the price same everywhere? I mean butchers For instacne in our area the Kusbasi and Kiyma is 55 and 48 tl
  6. I looked! Ours is MMM migros! 3M maybe?!
  7. Thanks Justin, You are right about economical issues. However as far as I see the price is same with others. Actually this butcher has not a lot to offer also they are always angry such that you can't talk too much! We are in working class area! The problem is my home is not near to those places. Maybe I should try Migros as Ken said. 5M migros (I don't know the difference between migroses though!) Also, you mean the butcher inside migros or the refrigerator meat? I know Turkish well! The problem is that they should know their responsibilities. This time wherever I go I should tell if not brown I will buy! The problem is that some parts of the meat is brown. I know it might not have health issue but still I don;t want to have that.
  8. Hello, I have been in Istanbul for about 1.5 years. During these days I could never buy good meat! I don't say that meats have bad taste but let's explain more. In AVMs there are two options. First the butcher second is the one you can take from the refrigerator. The second is not what I want since you don't know what it is. But, the advantage of this kind is that they do not have black color. The butcher in AVMs and personal butchers most of the times some part of the meat is black! I don't know. I paid money I expected to have good meat. Maybe it is not a problem and I am sensitive. But, in my country at least the meat has good color. Even though in my country the butcher should know you to sell you a good meat! Maybe here is the same! What should I say while buying meat? Also, what is the name of this meat I attached in turkey? I really want to have beef mea also! https://www.google.com/search?q=beef+eti&client=firefox-b-d&sa=X&biw=1360&bih=604&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=1516DnvneiytWM%3A%2CR1J13xzevDmTaM%2C%2Fm%2F0971v&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kRQCXwsoF6y1zauBnzSYog7NzpcOg&ved=2ahUKEwjF5L2D87bjAhXoxMQBHXJAAroQ_B0wFnoECAkQAw#imgrc=1516DnvneiytWM:
  9. If you have resident permit no need to insurance
  10. I know the answer You should go to the asvisa solutions center for slovenia visa (portugal norway slovenia hangary)
  11. Ken, I think you are wrong. I can ensure the situation will be worse than now.
  12. Talya I sent a message for you I can give you any info about this issue
  13. I just entered the required info. to the vodafone link sent by vodafone. I hope it worked
  14. My friend asked ptt and they say yes you can. Also when receives to ptt I will get message I am not sure of course whether I get sms or not
  15. Thanks Could my friend send an item to the ptt branch near my home? I mean give that address and I take from there.
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