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  1. Star


    So, I should tell I want fresh liver (dana or kusu) right?
  2. PTT has kargo itself the questions is I want to send sth from one side of istanbul to another? what is the best and cheapest way?
  3. What are the differences between kargo and ptt? I want to send items inside istanbul (from one side to another) which one is better?
  4. Star


    Thanks Ibrahim So, Butcher have new liver everyday? Since, I need new one and as you know the liver should be healthy. Did you buy from any butcher before?
  5. Hi, From where normally you purchase meat specially liver? Butcher or AVM? What are the differences? Which one is better and cost efficient? thanks
  6. Star

    Rent renewal

    THanks Yeah we should check the website stated above to be sure. The legal rise is the percent written there
  7. Star

    Paying all the rent before inhabiting

    Thank you Meral No I made a mistake my grammar mistake!
  8. Star

    Rent renewal

    The tufe is 17.3%. I still try to reduce I reduced it to 12.5% and now try 10% for a fairplay!
  9. Star

    Paying all the rent before inhabiting

    Meral I did not pay the rent I mentioned in my second post in this page I mean I am happy about it:)
  10. Star

    Paying all the rent before inhabiting

    That time dollar was 3.44 tl. I wish I did not rent that This is what I was talking about!
  11. Star

    Rent renewal

    So, it is %16,33 for the previous month, right? The first table is the one we should refer as far as I know and the last interest CPI is a main reference. This link could be used as a reference, right? This month is smaller even. It will be opened in 4'th of February. However, the thing is the landlord can easily say that leave the house. Has he right to do so? I hope 10% is fair!
  12. Star

    Rent renewal

    Hello guys, I should renew my rent next week. Owner told that 20 percent will be increased. However, this is unfair. I checked the TUKETICI website and it is maximum 16% previous month and February it would be less I guess. Some people said that you can bargain to even 10 % since many renters cannot pay on time and if anybody pays regularly he can persuade owner. Anybody has any experience?
  13. Star

    Sposorship letter

    So the notari itself notarizes it right?? And to be sponsorship for anyone I do not need to show that she/he has any kind of relationship with me right?you can be sponsor for anyone
  14. Star

    Sposorship letter

    Hello friends, How can I get sponsorship letter for my wife or any other person in Turkey? It means that I want to have an official letter shows that I will pay for all expenditures that person might have in his/her short (7 days trip) to outside of Turkey? I have a bank statement , which I can give to that person, but there should be an extra letter shows that I am the sponsor. Please help urgently! Thank you
  15. You are welcome The most simple thing in Turkey is tax number! Since they catch money with that Go to vergi dairesi give passport and say your address and they give you tax number