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  1. Ken, So, even if they wont give it to anybody there would be no problem right? For example, if I come after 3 months to get it the DGMM wont say why you come now?!
  2. I am outside of Turkey. My resident card is ready and it was posted to my house. Could it be possible that the delivery guy give it to my wife? What happened if not?
  3. All, the countries are like this! no refund at all for anything!
  4. Thank you. But why they need credit score when a property deed is going to be kept by bank?
  5. Hi, Is there any chance that we can buy property and have load from a bank in Turkey with the deed in the debt of bank? I meant the deed (tapu) will be kept by the bank until we pay our debts. Is it possible? Also, what is the exact commission for buying a house in Istanbul? buyer and seller should pay it
  6. Ken, In istanbul there is no appointment starting from January. this is my issue. They just send sms and wants us to send the documents. We do not require to go to the goc. So, if I send my documents and leave Turkey they will evaluate my application regardless of my exit, right?
  7. Star

    Noter issue

    Ken, I asked noter they said that you should translate pass to Turkish! No, I do not want to do that. I think I should ask other noters too I also asked uni wait for their answer
  8. What do you mean by don't show up at your appointment? In istanbul, they just sent sms and wants us to send the documents. I am in the 90 days exemption and today its 57 days. Today I got sms and I want to send the documents tomorrow. So after I send, can I leave the Turkey and turn back later? Is there any specific time that I should turn back or not? If the result is positive they just send my card after a few months to my address? Thanks
  9. Star

    Noter issue

    Ken, So, should I request power of attorney? Actually, I think it is expensive. So, it is inevitable, right? I mean we can't do in another way? vekaletname is itself expensive Also, why the price is different in different noters?! This country is really weird! Also, the person that I want to give power of attorney is not turkish citizen neither has id card. So, is it possible to do with only passport (not issued in Turkey)? Finally, can I do it myself or that person also should be present in noter?
  10. Star

    Noter issue

    Does anybody know how can I do this?
  11. Diplomas cannot be posted or delivered to someone else. Only when a written request approved by the notary for the delivery of the diploma to a specific person is submitted to Student Resources, after id checking and getting signature the diploma is submitted to that person. How can I do this? Should I go to the noter and give my and another person's ID? could we use just passport? We are both non-turkish citizens does it make any problem?
  12. Here https://ivd.gib.gov.tr/ Then Harç ve Değerli Kağıt Bedeli Ödeme Then Göç İdaresi İkamet Tezkeresi Harç Ödeme They need your Tahajkkuk Numarası (xxxxx number) please note that this number is different from your number in the first page of application. It is on the fifth page Then you can pay by your card~ The total amount is the same as written in your application documents and it is constant Done
  13. The stamp said that the governorship certifies the university stamp and signature and I think it is an apostille (it is written in Turkish by the way). Actually these days many documents are issued as e-signature with barcode which other officials could check in the corresponding website using that barcode. However, the consulate I want to go want those original stamp!
  14. Actually I went to valilik in Sirkeci and gave my interim diploma and transcript in English language and they sign and stamp it in order to certify the originality of the university stamp (no other attachment). My diploma was issued in another district actually. I don't know whether this is an apostille or not?
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