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  1. legal and illegal work

    Fil bey, Thanks for your complete answer. One of my friend is refugee and he is waiting to the third country that would be chosen for him and family. Employer does not give him insurance but pays 1800 tl. Of course, he works a lot and maybe 11 hours a day, except Sunday. But, he never complains and I think no one do that! Because, his work is going under danger. At least, foreigners don't act like that. Yeah, I got what you said
  2. legal and illegal work

    Thanks But many tourists work in Turkey with a low income and without insurance. So, is it illegal? If so, what type of fare the employers might be encountered by the government? Go for example to Sakarya, you see many foreigners who work in Ase mobiliya without any permission. Of course, some of them went to united nation in Ankara, and submit as a refugee. They are waiting for the third country permission. At the same time, they work without insurance.
  3. Paying all the rent before inhabiting

    It is really illogical to pay all the rent before since the house might have a problem or etc. They will not pay it back. Comission and deposit and one month rent is OK but paying the rent before is really illogical unless they decrease 100 tl and more and the rent for 6 months. You are a foreigner and have no isea about the house and ... When I was in Ankara I paid month by month and I paid deposit and comission before and I left 9 months later with no problem. As you see about the money exchange, it was the worst time to lose your dollar in Turkey. The government increase the value of lir use of millions of tourists giving dolar to have lir in turkey so it losts much less lir. Last thing, I also get something. Turkey is really changed specially starting the mid 2016 and I think it is not positive. I have a lot to say but I am tired.
  4. Hi My rp has been expired last time and I did not renew it last year since I came back to my home country. Now I am in Turkey and I want to apply again. I have not been in Turkey for more than a year. I went bank and enter my kimlik number and it is valid and my name appeared at the board. Do I need to pay the fees (both of them as far as I remember 50 dollars and 50 tl) again in order to get rp card? What do I need ?
  5. Study in izmir

    Terminal is open 24/7 and no problem. I guessed that since there are many buses go to istanbul at 3 and 4 at night! I think I can stay there and wait for my friend
  6. Paying all the rent before inhabiting

    I know about deposit But giving all the rent at once is risky especially for me. I have all the money in dollars and changing all of them might not be economical! Last time in Ankara I had no problem I rent a house and I pay monthly and after 5 months I left and they pay back my deposit. I don't know why you said that!
  7. @Ken Grubb Hello, I saw a house in Izmir which is somewhat good. The problem is that they want 6 months or a year rent at the time I make a contract. Thus is somewhat weird for me. For instance, for 6 month rent the monthly rent is 1100 so I shiuld pay 8800 (deposit and comisyon) once! For a year contract the rent is 1000 and I should pay 14000 Even though the house Is somewhat good but it is not logical to pay all at once. Maybe I want to get out and they say the money will not be returned unless it is really emergency case. Any idea?
  8. Dear all Is it better to change dollar to lira now or wait for up coming days. Since the lira value has raised. Does any body know why is that? I think the government controls it due to summer tourists to save much more lira in the country. If someone has idea about changing now or in next months please share it
  9. Exactly. You should withdraw the dolar account at the same bank you invested. Exactly the same. But lir account makes no difference
  10. Study in izmir

    Sakarya was open I think izmir should open as u said Is it technically illegal to stay there a night ?
  11. Study in izmir

    @Ken Grubb Are terminals in Izmir or other big cities opened 24 hours? Could someone stay till morning in terminal at least a day?
  12. Study in izmir

    No one helps me!?
  13. Study in izmir

    Hi all, It seems that izmir is somewhat more expensive than for instance sakarya. Sakarya is really cheap! I need your help to gather info about renting house in balcova near izmir university of economics. I do not exactly know, what should I do? The houses are big here and most of then are 3+1. Is anybody living in Izmir and can give his time even a few that I could ask some questions. I am in a otel in near sehir merkezi but I can come wherever you want Best
  14. AVEA registration

    It is cut off I am in Izmir now!
  15. AVEA registration

    Thanks 148 tl!! Wooow! So my aim now cannot be used even for incoming calls!? But I will enter turkey again tomorrow , after a year . I think I could register Why do they do that!??