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  1. I never forget you mam I wish you the one you wish yourself
  2. Anela do ı need to push the button every tıme!? Consıder thıs sıtuatıon. I am ın the 6 th floor and ı put ıt ın the yard ın front of apartment maybe! ı dont know where I push the button and put ıt there! so the dogs agaın maybe do not bark! OK. what should ı do then? when ı go to work just turn ıt back to home? when ı push the button at nıght and put ıt ın bushes for example what should ı do next? ıt ıs wrıtten that the button turns off and you need to turn ıt on! ı cannot do that mıd nıght am ı understood rıght? fınally, ın my case are the batterıes deplete sooner than expected?
  3. Is ıt the same barkstopper as angela saıd? You know I should put ıt ın publıc place consıdet thıs! ıt ıs a street not my home ground or ...
  4. eating out? check your receipt

    You cannot say it definitely 1000 kinds of bottled water the cheaper is kardelen I bought A-101. 5 lıtre ıs 1,85 tl. ıf you buy 20 lıtre ıt would be 6,6 tl dıscount! I was saıd do not use tap water for cookıng and eatıng wherever you are ın turkey
  5. Thanks really But I thought that this device used by myself. I mean I should click on the button towards the dogs. You know there are 4 or 5 dogs, from which one of them has a loud voice. They are somewhat scattered not too much! So you mean I hide this device on the bushes and it works automatically!? there are not any specific bushes İf it works automatically it is really good but İ dont know where should İ put it I hope İ find someone who has the same problem Also, is there any devıce that we could put ın our ears that ıs easy and do not hurt and annoy us and also do not allow to enter sounds!!? İ saw some websites some people also have the same problem but İ did not know what they do now or did in the past I really thanks for all you guys help. I hope I would compensate it.
  6. Sure! But why England!! Beyazmasa I found it! I also sent an email to belediye They said that regardıng the 5199 number law no one could ınterfere with animals!! Oh my god I should laugh for a year for this sentence
  7. Anybody knows about white table organization? Today someone talked about it I did not understand well You make a complaint and they evaluate it
  8. eating out? check your receipt

    How about restaurants and university dinning hall? Do they cook with bottled water? I don't think so! Wooow we cook everything by bottled water? Could we cook with tap water after let it go for a while? I read somewhere filter is not so much good
  9. What do u mean bark stopper This is not my dog or neighbor dog These are the street stray dogs. Five of them. In street They bark maybe muddle if the night and surely early morning I cannot concentrate in my work I really need help I cannot change my house it would loss of money Please clarify what you said
  10. Please give me a few hours I should go home see the contract and give you the address mam. I want to have the exact address I appreciate it
  11. eating out? check your receipt

    Really?!! Tap water for cooking! Could I do that?! I waste a lot of money( kidding ) for water! Please someone clarify which water is really good for cooking tea and etc.!?
  12. Please private message
  13. Thank you so much Angela You are not here in Turkey!!? So how can I pay then for you?
  14. How can I have paypal? How can I request it? Also, is it paid in tl and has fee or I should pay in pound? 50 feet. Hmm not too much! Just one time at night I used it for all of the dogs and then sleep, they are not going to bark right?!
  15. I have not credit card Angela Is it come from UK?