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  1. A club on Duo Lingo is a space for a group of people who are learning the same language. We can see each other's progress, communicate a but, and I believe they are in the process of adding additional features to make it more interactive. Over all, it is a great tool for learning Turkish, very easy and intuitive. You do not need a Facebook account to join, just the code I provided in my OP.
  2. Hi Ibrahim, yes I absolutely agree the site has opportunity to expand and become more inclusive, but personally I think they're doing a great job thus far. You do not need to be a native English speaker to use Duo Lingo in learning a second language. Greenstein, thank you for joining! All members of this forum and anyone who is interested is encouraged to do so. Even if we just get a few members, to have a small group where we can ask questions and practice Turkish among each other may be very beneficial. Teşekkürler!
  3. For those of us interested in learning Turkish, I highly recommend the program DuoLingo. It's free, and available on your desktop or as an app. I have just started a Turkish club through DuoLingo, so if anyone is interested in joining just download the app or find it online, and use the code P25XNW! Cheers!
  4. I am completing my degree in International Security with a minor in Arabic next spring, and I am very interested in working at a Turkish university. Could anyone please provide me with some insight as to what kinds of qualifications I might need? How much Turkish do i need to speak? How much education? Would a bachelor's and a TEFL certification do? How much experience? Any other skills/credentials/etc. ? Thank you kindly and so much in advance!
  5. Thank you so much, all. Ken and Green, the links you provided were so helpful, and Scotia, your personal experience was very informative. Perhaps it would be helpful to set up a section here (unless it already exists) for professional and personal networking amongst expats and knowledgeable, English speaking Turks Just an idea! Thanks again.
  6. How unfortunate! We need to band together and develop a black list/green list of various schools in Turkey. It would be great to know who is legit and who is bad to work for, before wasting time and money, and enduring the hassle that IMW went through! Sorry to hear of your troubles.
  7. Hi all, I am looking to move to Istanbul around the summer or fall of next year. Currently I am taking Turkish classes and finishing a bachelor's degree in the US in International Security and Conflict Resolution. I also plan on earning my TEFL certification next summer. I go to a good, flexible university, and I have been wondering if I should get a second degree in order to increase my chances of good employment in Istanbul. Can anyone please help me and give me some insight on what is in demand in Istanbul? Are there particular fields or degrees that will get me hired quickly into a decent paying job? I do plan to have my options as an English teacher available, but I've been hearing it is very difficult to make a stable, comfortable living teaching English in Turkey. So, I would like to have a plan B Thanks so much, every one! -Elma
  8. Hmm ok, thanks so much for your help Ken
  9. Hi Ken, No tourist permit? Perhaps you are confirming my suspicion then, that the person I spoke to may be confused or not totally understand the situation. I am of the understanding that "kimlik" in this context is a unique number given to someone who has been in Turkey at least six months (kind of like a social security number) that allows them to live and work there or something along those lines. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkish_Identification_Number The individual I spoke to said my friend was now at risk of being deported, as he entered Turkey legally and the country is supposedly only offering kimlik to those refugees who have entered illegally, while also cancelling the kimliks of Syrian refugees currently in the country on a legal basis. From what I understand my friend is overstayed on a tourist stay, unsure of what to do. He came in legally via passport, not smuggling, but hasn't applied for an adjusted status and has been there longer than 90 days. How concerned should we really be? He works in a factory and does not personally know anyone who has been deported, but he says that he's heard of Syrian refugees being in the wrong place at the wrong time, being asked for ID by the police, and then being deported to the Syrian border if they don't have the right residency paperwork or something.
  10. I heard something today that really concerned me, but I don't know if it's true. I have a good friend who I have known for years on a long-distance basis. He fled the conflict in Syria about 8 months ago and entered Turkey legally. He went through customs with his passport, etc. and moved in with family in Istanbul who had done the same thing a year before him. That being said, today someone told me that they are putting new restrictions on the Kimlik so that only those who entered Turkey illegally are able to get it. Supposedly, those who entered legally like my friend need a tourist or work permit to continue staying in Turkey, however in order to get either of these permits a person would need the Kimlik first. This seems like a catch 22. Also, I hear that those who have entered Turkey legally in the past and have Kimlik are getting it cancelled. Is any of this true? Can somebody please tell me what the story is on all of this? I'm really worried for my friend. Our biggest thanks for any help and info
  11. Hi all, I am currently in the US but working towards becoming an English teacher in Istanbul. I am finishing my Bachelor's in International Security and Conflict Resolution, and will be getting my TEFL cert. next summer. Will be trying to get volunteer or work experience in a school setting this summer. I am also taking Turkish lessons currently. I would love to get some ideas from current ESL teachers as to how else I can build my resume. I want to be competitive when I hunt for jobs. What else would make me look superior/more desirable as a teaching candidate, and/or potentially improve my income? What do I want to have on my resume? As always, I am incredibly grateful for your insights - Teşekkürler!
  12. Alright, I'll have to do some further digging around online and report back. Thanks guys.
  13. Would anyone happen to have another recommendation for calculating the cost of living in Istanbul? I tried the numbeo site, however that seems very inaccurate. If someone could recommend another tool online, or just give me a basic break down here of like costs for food, transportation, utilities, etc. I'd really appreciate it. I'm willing to live in a non-central and/or semi-rundown area of Istanbul, a private one bedroom apartment or even a studio preferred, and I don't want to do any night life, alcohol, or excessive shopping.
  14. Hi all, I am an American citizen and my fiancee is a non-Turkish citizen as well, however he is residing with family in Istanbul. We were planning on getting married in Istanbul next month but there's a wrench in our plans. I have a morbid phobia of needles and he has been told that I would need to get a full blood draw, like from the arm. Is this true? Others have informed us that it's just a finger prick. Which is it?
  15. Hmm, anyone have advice on where (online) to find fair prices for apartments in Istanbul? Thanks!
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