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  1. Your welcome Arpit! Glad to help you! It’s a very good decision to stay in Istanbul about a month, hope you can make well choices after staying for a while in there. I had been seriously interested in some projects submitted to me by some agencies before I buy my apartments from a Turkish guy in Beylikduzu (that was totally my chance!!) but please keep in the mind that the choices are very personal so you may need to find in somewhere else. I am guessing Beylikdüzü is the most popular locality of Istanbul in recent years. The projects I had very seriously considered - Fortis Istanbul http://www.fortisistanbul.com/landing-page/?utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=search&utm_campaign=branding&gclid=CjwKEAiAova1BRDS15OXjcug_FMSJACWNAKZsDE8VwrZ2JIOpcKqVj7brXUPGzrcpuqOIImvHmFBphoC11rw_wcB#1 - Westside Istanbul http://westsideistanbul.com.tr/landing-page/?utm_source=Google_SearchN&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=westside_istanbul_ppc - Babacan Premium http://www.babacanpremium.com/landing/?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=Search&utm_campaign=Babacan I also know that if you go to their sales office, you may be offered lower prices than their websites. That’s all I know My lawyer’s name is Yasemin. She and all their team were very helpful along my buying processes. Her email address is [email protected] You can also find detailed information about the law office on their website, http://www.acacia-int.com/tr/
  2. Hi Arpit!!! I’m quite new at this site and at the moment to looking for a property in Antalya. (That’s why I joined here) It was very nice to find your entry by chance. I have bought 2 apartments in Istanbul previous years. I would be happy help you about your questions as far as I can. The weather is perfect in April-May in Istanbul, you should visit the place in those months, in my opinion. Foreign investors generally prefer European side for new developments & projects, however Asian side seems to be preferred by local people, but it would depend your choice. I would suggest you, if possible, to stay for some time and see around to make a decision. I think I can make some serious points about the real estate agent issue according to my experiences. No, unfortunately the real estate agents are not that much trustable. In fact, I would NOT suggest you to proceed before contacting to more than one agency because the market could be very tricky. My suggestion is, first of all, to find and cooperate with a law office who can assist you throughout the entire buying process and help you to protect your investment with important advices. I heard lots of bad experiences about property buying in Istanbul and for this reason I worked with a law office and concluded the procedures safely. I hope my explanations are helpful and let me know if you want me to share the contact details of my lawyers.
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