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  1. IanB


    I'm hoping to catch a bus from Istanbul down to Ayvalik next year but know very little about this resort. Can anyone advise?
  2. We stayed in the Akropol Hotel (Best Western I think) in Akbuyuk Caddesi only 5 minutes walk from all the best sights.
  3. We stayed at a nice but small hotel 5 minutes walk up the hill past Bar Street. I think it's a shame that Bar Street has so many Irish Bars. Nothing against the Irish but I go to Turkey to see Turkish bars, Turkish shops, Turkish restaurants etc - I feel the same about English bars in Turkey. I like places like Dat
  4. IanB


    Just one view of so many
  5. IanB


    I have a few photos. How do I post them on here?
  6. IanB


    We spent some time at the Goreme Open Air Museum. That was fascinating. We also had a walk through pigeon valley.
  7. IanB


    I'll make sure we never go there later than May then. Thanks for the information. In the two weeks I was in or around Bodrum I manged two Turkish haircuts and three Turkish shaves. I've had my ears burnt twice and waxed once. That waxing is something else! I though my ears were going to come off.
  8. IanB


    About three years ago we were moored in Bodrum harbour and our sleep was disturbed by a huge floating disco in the early hours. I have seen this disco boat on TV since then and was expecting to be disturbed again on our two week gulet cruise. We spent a total of 4 nights in Bodrum harbour and didn't hear it once. Has it gone?
  9. IanB


    This must be the most amazing place on earth (or under it sometimes)
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