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  1. Hi Thomas, My experience is slightly different as I am working at a university and was granted my visa under the Turkish Higher Education Authority (YOK) vs the Ministry of Labor (and I also have completed my degrees). However, when I went to the Turkish Embassy in Ottawa, Canada to get my visa, they only required the documentation from Bilkent and a passport photo. They did not request any additional documentation. i was told by the embassy staff person who helped me that because I had the YOK letter, I was able to get my visa immediately (that day, in fact) rather than waiting (I t
  2. Hi, I'll share my experience because I was successful this year in getting a position at a good Turkish university, in Bilkent, and I had applied for similar teaching positions previously. I was looking specifically to teach at a university and not a language school. I can't speak to the situation in Istanbul but I can add, at the very least, my two cents regarding teaching English and being competitive in order to get a good position. Again, this is just my experience. I have a BA in political science, a TESL diploma and as of February 2015, an MA in literary linguistics. I wor
  3. Thanks IbrahimAbi. I am leaning toward Garanti, too. Cheers, Scotia
  4. Thank you! My accommodation is provided for so I will only be responsible for utilities and groceries, basically. I usually rely on ATMs when I travel so I think I will take a small amount in US funds and then use ATMs. I'll make note of those banks, Ken and your advice re: cards. There are also several banks with branches on campus including Ziraat, Garanti and İşbank. I will be making monthly transfers to my bank in Canada. I've read that Garanti is known for its focus on banking with foreigners. I'm just wondering if any of you have comments on this. Again, your advice is invalua
  5. Hello, I am moving to Turkey from Canada in a little over two weeks to teach in Ankara. My department head recommended that I take the equivalent of about US $1000 to see me through the first month until I get paid. I'm looking for advice on a couple of things. First, I am not comfortable taking a lot of cash with me. Regardless, whatever amount I take I will still need to exchange it. What are my options? Is it feasible to consider using ATMS once I am there but limiting my withdrawals to minimize fees? Any advice or suggestions would be welcomed! Thanks, Scotia65
  6. Good morning, gentlemen. Daniel, Canadians would say: Pass me a beer there's a ball game on. Of course, in the winter we would watch hockey. Well-quoted, IbrahimAbi. Trudeau also said the following which I think is fitting not only in reference to Turkey, but to traveling in general right now. I couldn't remember the entire quote so this is a paste and cut. "I would not know how to instill a taste for adventure in those who have not acquired it. ... And yet there are people who suddenly tear themselves away from their comfortable existence and, using the energy of their bo
  7. Daniel, Canadians would never say that
  8. Thanks Ken, IbrahimAbi and greenstein for your replies. I want to be as informed as I can about the situation. My department head at Bilkent has been in touch with me almost every day by phone or email to update me and to ask what I need to help me to settle in. I think it speaks to the level of support they will offer their foreign instructors. Yes, Ken, the Canadian Embassy does have an online registration for its citizens. I'll be doing that prior to leaving. I'm looking forward to arriving and getting settled. Then I can take time to explore as much of the country as I can.
  9. Hello, I am hired to teach at a university in Ankara and I leave Canada on August 26. My department head has been very good to keep me updated on events as best she can in light of the attempted coup. However, I am interested to get some feedback from members of the forum so I may have a fuller picture of what the situation is like. I recognize this may be difficult as events seem to be still quite fluid. I would appreciate any and all constructive feedback. Thanks Scotia65
  10. Thanks Greenstein. I've heard great things about Izmir so I am hoping the interview goes well.
  11. Hello, I am a new member to the forum and have yet to read as many of the previous posts as I would like. I have an upcoming interview for a teaching position at Yasar University in Izmir and I am looking for some feedback from teachers who have worked there or are working there now. I am looking for thoughtful comments that will help to give me a sense of the university and what I might expect should I be offered, and accept, the job. Thank you. The details of the position are as follows: 4,500 - 5,500 TL per month Health coverage with private supplement Contract
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