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  1. So after going thru so much trouble to get into this flat I have seen that it was a huge mistake. So the major problem that I have is the landlord who I realize is a 'slum lord'. I had to call him and ask if anyone had ever complained of the elk bill. In Feb I was here all of 20 days and it was over 200 tl. March was nearly 250. April was 175. May was 142. I cannot understand this as I have nothing. I literally use elk for a lamp, my computer, the hot water shower thing, and to boil water for tea. I never bought a fridge and washer. long story there. Use friends washer and the fridge is useless as I am one person and usually eat outside. So the elk has a problem. But he said... no one has ever complained. Then we have the water issue.. its always above 50 tl. how?!?!?!?! again he said no one ever complained. And then it got warm. I was sleeping and woke up to find ants in my bed. Not one or two... I mean like 100! And they were hundreds on the floors. I smashed them and called the land man immediately. He said to get the spray because no one ever complained before and they were coming from the garden. I can't use the spray as I have asthma and a cat. He told me like 5 times to use the spray. it was endless. So I suggested that he caulk the floors as I could see holes in the baseboards. He told me to do it. Ok. I did. I spend nearly 100 tl on that stuff.. only to find the ants still coming in. So last month when I paid the rent I told him that I will leave. small white lie. I said that I would be gone by August 10. He said to meet him on august 10 to hand over keys. But here it is July 1 and I look like I have been to war. I have dozens of bites and my cat does too. So the question is: seeing as how I gave a deposit of the amount of the rent and I want to leave July 20, can I say to him that I will leave July 20 and he can keep the deposit and I will pay all bills to zero and call it quits? I mean is that not what the deposit if for? He would not give it back anyhow even if I had only stayed here one day. I realize this now. I just don't want any problems with the police and all. I am not sure what the process is here when someone wants to out someone from a flat. I mean, do they call the police and have the police bother you? Do they report you to the courts? I am leaving of my own will with no problems. I just want to leave here and live like a normal person!!! HELP!!!!!
  2. I wanted to go back and visit this again. I talked with the construction manager who was actually a super nice man. His English and my Turkish were good enough to communicate. I asked him if he could suggest to the workers to pick up the trash at the end of the day.... he said yes and had them not only clean up the area but they also fixed the hole they made in the street. score: 1 now the trash area across the street. well finally after everyone complained to the city they cleaned it up this past week. it looks i would say 70% better. they put a sign up to say no dumping and they made the people that collect the boxes and such move their wagons and their storage area. again a sign. thanks goodness. I hope it can stay clean back here as I will be moving soon and am just happy that these people can have a nice clean area now.
  3. thanks Ken. I read the response as soon as you replied but on my phone so it seemed as if I had not seen it. But i got the info and that is kinda what i thought was going to happen... same as hotels. thanks a million for making that trip. I am sure that someone someday will need the same advice. the things we get ourselves into huh?
  4. This may seem strange to some but here goes... I have been in Turkey for four years now. I have had to go to the hospital 3 times. Once was before the law of needing insurance was in play and twice after the law came. Now I admit that sadly I do not have insurance and my visa is expired. I plan to stay a bit longer and pay the fines and take the ban when I go. I have my reasons for doing this.. however... I wonder.... if I go to the hospital for treatment of what I think is a worthy cause to go without insurance willing to pay cash for the treatment, but the visa is expired... can the police be notified? I mean, when you go to the ER do they somehow share that info with the police ? I know that if you check into a hotel the police can see that you are there .. is it the same with the ER department? Otherwise I will need to find a private doctor and pay cash there as I am sure they will not ask too many questions. But I think I have an issue that needs to be addressed pretty soon and I really need some answers if you all can help. thanks
  5. Hey all. I just recently rented a flat in Buca. It is not the best part of Buca but I do like to be with the locals. I like to live with the people that are Turk and have been here all their lives over the areas where there are a zillion expats. Sounds strange I know.... Anyhow, my building is about 3 years old and the flat is super nice. There are three other buildings down the street as it is a new area of development. Now comes the problems that I need help with... Next door there is a company that is building a new building and from what the neighbors say, they have been working on it for well over a year. That seems a bit long to me especially seeing as how they are not nearly finished. I see the guys there everyday but they just stand around and look at each other and smoke cigarettes and drink tons of drinks. I am okay with that as it is the owners money that is being wasted.. not mine. But... these guys throw the trash on the ground and in the street. They has a bulldozer in the area the other day and it brought out a ton of dirt that is now spilled all over the road. This is a mess as my building is on a hill and we have a steady stream of water coming down it all the time. (note here: I was told by the person I rented the flat from that the water was coming off the mountain....however, upon a little inspection I see that it is actually coming from the people on the other side of the field who have horses and dogs and they have let the water stay on to give the animals water to drink and thus the water has overflowed and come across the field as it flooded. simple fix... I will get some friends and the few old guys here to help me roll some stones there to slow the water on the street.) back to the guys at the construction site... is there any legal action that I can take along with the other people in the buildings to make this company clean up the trash and all the metal rods that are laying in the street. I mean it is even difficult to walk down the street due to the mess. Another question I have is about the area across the street. It is a lot that is behind a tile shop yard. The tile shop people have stacks of tiles all on the sidewalk and broken pieces everywhere. And the area behind their gated area is like a trash yard. I see the old pull carts that people used to collect recyclable materials out of the trash but these are broken and trash is left there and it seems that the less than 'give a sh*t about our area' people throw trash there too. I see some has been burned but the remnants left and it is so unsightly. So this is where I need you all ... 1. what can I do about the construction guys and their mess and the trash they throw? 2. what can I do about the tile shop that blocks the sidewalk and has made it unsafe for children to ride their bikes on the street ( and to walk in general): 3. what can I do about the trash area on the land across the street? I know the city will not listen to a foreigner so I need to know what to do and get it moving and have the people in my buildings back me up on this and I will have whoever has lived here the longest or the old man in the next building who is super nice go and present the problems in Turkish along with whatever I need to collect to get this area clean for them. I will be here about one more year, but these people will live here a long time and they paid lots of money for a safe and nice new house. It is really unfair that the people around who are a bit jealous of their money and their want to do better to run it for them.
  6. Hey all. Because I slow to do things.. I forgot to post to you all about this. I was almost a wreck and come the day to sign for the flat, I voiced my concern to the man about coming to where I do classes at. He said to me... I also work in this area and thought it would be easier for you to meet here so that you did not have to go all the way over to Buca and then back here. He laughed then because I told him that I was scared about needing a co-signer. I then found out that he is married to a British woman and she came along a bit later and he told me that he did not want a co-signer due to the fact that I was not some young girl with a need to party. I think he asked his wife to come and make the decision about it all. Funyy that now I have become friends with them both and in the end all went well. I do hope others have a good experience when renting a flat.
  7. Hello all. So this has to be a question that someone has asked and is still unclear about. Ok So I have been in Turkey for 4 years and when I first moved here I had a flat all set up by the ex. Since then I moved to a flat with a friend and now to İzmir where I am also staying with a friend. Now I want to take my own flat and found one, went to see it and it was all good. The man asked what I do for work and I told him teach private lessons to companies as well as individuals. He seemed agreeable. I gave him the kapora (the hold money) and then he said that he would meet me Friday at the office that I give lessons at to make the contract. This is where I am a bit off at. Why would he want to meet me at the office that I give lessons at? Is he expecting one of them to sign some kind of paper to be responsible if I for some reason do not pay? I am really off about this and feel very uncomfortable about asking the people at the company I give lessons at to sign such a paper. I feel uncomfortable asking anyone to do such a thing. Any advises on what I should do? It's kinda a rush situation since I have already told my flatmate that I will be out of here by 02/07/16. I am simply lost as to what to do or what to say to this man. I mean, can I change my mind and get the kapora back? Can I ask him to not make me have a person to sign the paper? Should I ask the people at the company to tell him that I do not work there but I do give lessons there????
  8. Hello all. Ok I am in a strange but somewhat common situation here. I have been in Istanbul for 3 years now. I came under the old system where you went to the police station and did the whole visa thing. Last year I went and I was over due on my RP by 2 days. The officer was (thankfully) super nice and spoke great English. he told me to take a short 1 or 2 days trip to Bulgaria and come back. he said that I would need to pay a fine at the airport or bus terminal at the boarder if I went by bus. So I did that and they officers at the airport were super nice too. I got lucky there. They told me that I would need to make a new appointment within 10 days of returning. I went to Sofia for a few days and came back and made the new appointment. All went well. ...............now the problem starts. 1. I now live in İzmir. I am a freelance teacher. Done with the school system here for a while. Last year I had a friend go to the noter with me and get the paper that says I live with him and he pays all my things. (yeah yeah yeah....we all bend the truth sometimes). But now my new flatmate is military and I do not want to ask him to do it since it might cause some problems with his job. (just being careful about things). So I am thinking to have my friend do it again in İstanbul and just skip the living in İzmir thing for now and change it in a few months. 2. My RP expired yesterday OCTOBER 22,2015. I totally forgot the date of it and now I am thinking that I should leave again. Now I am wondering, does anyone know if the process is the same at the port in Çeşme as it is at the airports. I mean go and pay the fine and then get on the boat and go over to Chios for a few days and then come back and get on this immediately. Do you all think that it's possible that they will make a big fuss since I have done this twice now? Fast replies are super helpful as time is of the essence here. The faster I get out of here and back the less it will cost me. Thanks all♥
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