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  1. So after going thru so much trouble to get into this flat I have seen that it was a huge mistake. So the major problem that I have is the landlord who I realize is a 'slum lord'. I had to call him and ask if anyone had ever complained of the elk bill. In Feb I was here all of 20 days and it was over 200 tl. March was nearly 250. April was 175. May was 142. I cannot understand this as I have nothing. I literally use elk for a lamp, my computer, the hot water shower thing, and to boil water for tea. I never bought a fridge and washer. long story there. Use friends washer and th
  2. I wanted to go back and visit this again. I talked with the construction manager who was actually a super nice man. His English and my Turkish were good enough to communicate. I asked him if he could suggest to the workers to pick up the trash at the end of the day.... he said yes and had them not only clean up the area but they also fixed the hole they made in the street. score: 1 now the trash area across the street. well finally after everyone complained to the city they cleaned it up this past week. it looks i would say 70% better. they put a sign up to say no dumping and they
  3. thanks Ken. I read the response as soon as you replied but on my phone so it seemed as if I had not seen it. But i got the info and that is kinda what i thought was going to happen... same as hotels. thanks a million for making that trip. I am sure that someone someday will need the same advice. the things we get ourselves into huh?
  4. This may seem strange to some but here goes... I have been in Turkey for four years now. I have had to go to the hospital 3 times. Once was before the law of needing insurance was in play and twice after the law came. Now I admit that sadly I do not have insurance and my visa is expired. I plan to stay a bit longer and pay the fines and take the ban when I go. I have my reasons for doing this.. however... I wonder.... if I go to the hospital for treatment of what I think is a worthy cause to go without insurance willing to pay cash for the treatment, but the visa is expired... can the polic
  5. Hey all. I just recently rented a flat in Buca. It is not the best part of Buca but I do like to be with the locals. I like to live with the people that are Turk and have been here all their lives over the areas where there are a zillion expats. Sounds strange I know.... Anyhow, my building is about 3 years old and the flat is super nice. There are three other buildings down the street as it is a new area of development. Now comes the problems that I need help with... Next door there is a company that is building a new building and from what the neighbors say, they have been wor
  6. Hey all. Because I slow to do things..I forgot to post to you all about this. I was almost a wreck and come the day to sign for the flat, I voiced my concern to the man about coming to where I do classes at. He said to me...I also work in this area and thought it would be easier for you to meet here so that you did not have to go all the way over to Buca and then back here. He laughed then because I told him that I was scared about needing a co-signer. I then found out that he is married to a British woman and she came along a bit later and he told me that he did not want a co-sign
  7. Hello all. So this has to be a question that someone has asked and is still unclear about. Ok So I have been in Turkey for 4 years and when I first moved here I had a flat all set up by the ex. Since then I moved to a flat with a friend and now to İzmir where I am also staying with a friend. Now I want to take my own flat and found one, went to see it and it was all good. The man asked what I do for work and I told him teach private lessons to companies as well as individuals. He seemed agreeable. I gave him the kapora (the hold money) and then he said that he would meet me Friday a
  8. Hello all. Ok I am in a strange but somewhat common situation here. I have been in Istanbul for 3 years now. I came under the old system where you went to the police station and did the whole visa thing. Last year I went and I was over due on my RP by 2 days. The officer was (thankfully) super nice and spoke great English. he told me to take a short 1 or 2 days trip to Bulgaria and come back. he said that I would need to pay a fine at the airport or bus terminal at the boarder if I went by bus. So I did that and they officers at the airport were super nice too. I got lucky there. They told m
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